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Personal Journal Entries for Week Ending Friday, December 9

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    This week I finished all of the documents and one page summaries I was in charge of for the final binder. Our team is almost done with the rest of the documents. We were supposed to have a final meeting but our project sponsor did not show up (shocker) so we were unable to go over our transition plan with him. Our team had our final meeting with Courtney who was able to answer some of our final questions on documents.

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    This week was fairly simple as we looked to complete our role in this project and give guidance to the entrepreneur as the project moves forward. After meeting with Courtney, we got a sense of what to do when a project gets significantly delayed due to lack of commitment by the development team. We also got a chance to finalize the documents that will be placed in our final binder for Monday, December 12. The only item that remains is the creation of the one-page summaries per section which will be done by this weekend.

  • Profile photo of Kyle Matusik

    This week we made some significant progress towards closing out the semester. We held a meeting with our entrepreneur and went over the final adjustments that need to be made to the budget. We also held our final meeting with Courtney, where we got a better idea of how to wrap up our projects, and we also gave feedback on the course. Now, we just need to focus on squaring off the budget and gathering all of the documents we want to put in the final deliverables binder.

  • Profile photo of Quy A Le

    We were able to get in contact with our engineers this week and it seems like everything is going well. They have finished all their testing and are currently finishing their final design document and preparing their presentation. On the PM side, we have been able to clean up a lot of our documents and the studio day allowed us to get a better idea of how to improve our documents.

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    This week we were able to determine documents that we were not going to use and began writing summaries up as to why we did not use them. We are prepping our close of the project with Josh and are scheduling a time when we can all meet up to go over the transition. Josh has made some more progress on the legal side and appears to be moving forward quicker with the legalization of his business. Our goal over the next few days is continuing to clean up the documents and begin printing the final copies out.

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    This week our Engineers had their presentation for their project. Overall they did pretty well and were able to finish the prototype on time along with all of the testing. One of our project managers attended their presentation. We made huge strides in finishing our final documents to be turned in. We started working on the summary pages for each section of the binder.

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    This week we held our final meeting and wrapped up the project. She told us how she has submitted the front end design of the application to the developer. Also, she has been working with the developer very closely to make sure it meets all of her specifications. We also discussed how each group member thought the project went. Each person gave some feedback about what went well, what didn’t go well, and how we could have done better. The project managers also wrapped up the process of completing the binder in preparation for it to be turned in.

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    This week was really just all on the Project Managers to wrap up our documents and put together our final binder. Our engineers gave their final presentation on Monday so they are finished with their project. The project managers met to go over our final documents and decide what to include in the binder. All that is left to do is finish our one page summaries.

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    This week we put the finishing touches on all of our documents and finished creating our binder. Considering that we lost contact with our entrepreneur in early November I’m pretty happy with our binder. It’s pretty small and simple but so was our project. All we have left to do is print the binder out and organize everything into sections.

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    This week a lot of time was spent working on the final class deliverables. The PM’s are working hard to put in the last edits and compile the binder. We spent time with our entrepreneurs to close out the project. We are gathering any documents that they may find useful and preparing to transfer those over to the team. We have communicated well the close of the project and prepared a transition plan for them as they manage themselves moving forward after this semester. Overall, we have met almost all of our expectations this semester and the project was a great experience

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    This week has been busy for us getting the binder together. Will is working on his deliverables and reporting back to us. We are going to be finishing up the binder this weekend for Monday and declare the project over.

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    While communication with our engineers was still lacking, we learned that their testing was going as planned and everything seemed on track. We also learned of the time and place of the project’s final design review, which we attended yesterday. We have learned how to improve our documents but still have to make the final touches. Progress of our deliverable is on track for our personal Sunday deadline.

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    We focused on creating the binder this week.

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    We are getting in the last phases of the project, warp up resources and finish our project binder. Engineers had their presentation completed well.

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    This week we worked on completing our binder and wrapping up our project.

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    All we did this week is finish the rest of our deliverables.

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    Project was basically over for the start of this week. Engineers presented on this past Monday so this week was dedicated to finishing our binder.

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    Engineers had their final presentation on Wednesday and were able to finish all that they set out to do. Now the focus turns to completing the binder.

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    This week is the final week that we meet with the engineers. During the meeting we wrapped up the project and found that the engineers did a good job during their presentation. Our main focus now is to complete the documents for our binder.

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    We held a wrap-up meeting with our engineers and made sure their documents are completed and ready for submission. We now turn our focus to finish our binder.

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    Alex and I reached out one last time to Zahmir and there was still no reply. We finalized all our documents and created a few figures and tables to add to our plans. We used the budget from the prospective app developer and hope that it will be in some way good use to Zahmir if he plans to embark on this venture. We closed up the project together this week, Alex and I, and we feel like we handed in a solid project for not having anything to work with other than our imagination and Zahmir’s weak initial idea.

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    We tried to wrap the project up, and set Will and his team up the best we could for next semester. This primarily consisted of going over the document for the binder to make sure they were accurate and seeing if there were any last minute things Will and his team needed for us.

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