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Sir Richard Branson is at it again! He has already tackled air and space travel, but this time he is off to conquer another frontier…the SEA.

This machine can hold 2 passengers and a pilot and maneuvers as if you were flying through the water. It is the first of its kind to hit the market earlier this year. So the obvious question would be- Is this the perfect example of innovation? With submarines, yachts, jet skis, and speed boats already in the market, how much of an impact would this new machine make?

To rent this beauty out it would take a nice little chunk of change out of your pocket (about $25,000/week to be exact). So would people even bother trying this new craft out? Or is this the beginning of a new wave of underwater exploration devices?

I personally believe that like most other luxury vehicles, this may become huge in the market and we will start to see low-end innovation versions of the product. Maybe a one-seater underwater plane that people could purchase at a lower price or maybe this can become an attraction at amusement parks or aquariums. Either way I say that this is definitely innovative and I believe that Richard Branson along with the engineering company (Hawkes Ocean Technologies) are introducing a new, modern, innovative way to get the “common” people involved in underwater exploration.

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3 Responses to “Underwater “Air”plane?”

  • Profile photo of Yasmin Beganovic:

    When I look at something like this I cannot help to but immediately think well what if it breaks down while your using it, or what if you hit a shark or whale while your flying around in your “Sea Plane?” I know this may sound funny but at the same time it seems like the right questions to ask. If a regular boat engine breaks or so forth then your floating around and have more of an option if you will. I would definitely like to say that this is innovative to a certain extent but really how much use could it bring to the normal person? I do agree also that it would be a great machine to use in Aquariums or maybe water events in general but then again if it is designed to go incredibly fast what good is it to use at such a place like the Aquarium? I like the fact that this is a machine that can literally “fly” through the water but I don’t see it being a high selling item such as boats, jet skies, and so forth.

  • Thomas Preston:

    Although the price tag is extremely too high to the point that only millionaires would probably think about using it, it marks the beginning of the new era. Airplane travel was extremely expensive at its inception into the civil commercial market. It took a few decades for the airline industry to become an actual viable option of transportation for the everyday person. The same is to be said about this underwater airplane and Richard Branson’s civilian space travel. I think the idea to really take away from what Branson is doing is that we are finally on the frontier of space and sea exploration which could someday mean sea and space colonies, as well as traveling by these means. Very exciting to say the least.

  • Brian Connelly:

    I think it will catch on as another form of entertainment attraction, but not as a form of transportation.