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Bulb Illumination

Charged just by being in the room

Serbian inventor Nikola Tesla, who went on to father many of the inventions that define the modern electronic era, was the first to let electrons off their leash, in 1890.

Tesla based his wireless electricity idea on a concept known as electromagnetic induction,holds that electric current flowing through one wire can induce current to flow in another wire, nearby. The product of the 21st century is an inductive device, much like the one Tesla envisioned, but a lot smaller. It looks like a mouse pad and can send power through the air, over a distance a few inches.

Michigan-based Fulton Innovation unveiled its first set of wirelessly charged consumer products at the Consumer Electronics Show early this year.

Their product can be viewed here: http://www.powermat.com/

2 Responses to “Life, Unplugged.”

  • So what kind of innovation is this?

  • I am tempted to say a new-market disruptive innovation, yet it lacks the functionality to bring it to that level (Since it only charges while within inches of the powermat).

    So I would say it is a up-market sustaining innovation since it offers just a slightly improved aspect that undershot customers are willing to pay a premium for.