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Nokia is coming out with a smartphone that has a universal inbox.  This means that  messages and updates from multiple apps can be displayed on one screen.  It looks like a regular email inbox but has incoming and outgoing mixture of email, text, call logs, tweets, Facebook updates, flickr photos and more.  This will make it easier to keep track of messages, update social media, and  hold conversations that span throughout different messaging and social media apps.  The technology is made possible through a cloud based software that gathers up a consumers messages from the smartphone and connect it with a web service such as Facebook.  In using the cloud software it limits the strain of resource for the phone such as the battery power.

This is a new market disruptive innovation that reaches the non-consumer because it grants them convenient access and makes it easier to communicate through multiple different communication mediums that they might never would consider using if they were not on this one single location on this one single device.

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    Couldn’t this be considered a sustaining innovation? On my blackberry currently, I have a function in which all messages to my phone (email, text, blackberry messenger and facebook) go to one application. This technology seems very similar to that except that it has capability to host messages from various other applications as well. For that reason, I think it would be sustaining–unless I am not fully understanding the function of this technology.