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Disney Researchers have developed a new technology called TeslaTouch that allows consumers who use technology with touch screens, such as the iPad or TableTop computers, to “feel” themselves using the touch screen. This new technology produces a buzz or vibration that the user will physically feel when typing or dragging items on the screen. It will allow users to feel the spaces between the keys on a touchscreen keyboard, similar to how we feel the spaces on a laptop or desktop keyboard. Also, when an iPad user is dragging and dropping a file into a folder, they will be able to feel the weight of the file they are attempting to move (larger files will even feel heavier than smaller files). The researchers say that this is just a small step towards bringing multitouch, tactile touch screens to consumers, yet this is first technology of its kind. It simply makes an iPad or other touch screen technology more practical and more like a laptop or desktop computer. Whether or not it will be adopted quickly by consumers remains to be seen, since there has not been a large demand for an improved touchscreen. This is definitely targeted at an undershot consumer group who uses touch screen technology extensively, yet that is still a very small segment of the mobile computing market.