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Google has announced their latest project, which seems to have already been in place for some time now. Google announced that they have invented and have been experimenting its new self-automated cars. These cars are manned by trained professionals, whom are there to record information as well as take the wheel if ever necessary. These cars are equipped with all kind of software and hardware (radar sensors, video cameras, laser range finders) which detect other cars in its vicinity, while also using google maps to guide itself to the destination which is originally programmed. Google also has announced that the automated cars have already driven over 140,000 miles (in traffic) so far with occasional human intervention. Seven of the cars have actually made it to the 1,000 mile mark without any intervention necessary. Google’s reasoning behind this project is to avoide traffic accidents as well as decrease fuel emissions. The cars, which can detect surrounding cars, will be able to drive as close as possible to the other cars on the road, which will increase the space efficiency on our highway system.

Innovative Thoughts?

I definitely believe this is a new-market disruptive innovation. This idea may lower or even eliminate the age for having a driver’s license. Through the perfection of this innovation, anybody will be able to get into a car and program the destination and sit back and enjoy the ride. Imagine not having to worry about designated drivers, dropping anybody off,  picking anybody up, or even getting up to run errands. I foresee the future of this innovation as an evolution in the transportation system as well as a huge change in retail industry. Imagine ordering food or products from a local company and all you have to do is program your car to go to the company and come back with the materials you ordered. Obviously, the industry would have to change to suit the new automated cars. Eventually stores would be required to create a drive-thru system which would allow the consumer to send over their car and get the correct supplies placed into the correct car and then sent back to the consumer. This all will come in time though, but the major change of this innovation would hit the non-consumer market.

Non-consumers who for some reason cannot drive a car will now be able to enjoy the pleasures of driving an automobile without having to actually drive. With this new technology, anybody will be able to get behind the wheel of a car and take to the road without having to worry about accidents, wasting gas, and traffic. If this idea ever takes off, I believe it will impact the way many people live, commute, and work.