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In the android-powered phone game it seems as though Google is still fighting for supremacy. They are planning to release their new phone the “Nexus S” which will exclusively feature the latest Android platform, Android 2.3. Google is partnering with Samsung for the release of the phone.
A few specs of the phone include:
-4-inch contour display
-1ghz hummingbird processor
-Rear and front cameras
-16Gb of internal memory
-And near field communication technology
And several specs of the new android operating system are:
-User interface tweaks
-Near field communication support
-New keyboard and text selection
-VoIP calling
Personal Opinion
It seems as there is nothing too special about this phone besides the new operating system. All new waves of phones will contain the front-facing camera and it seems like a new android-phone comes out every month. The only thing that may be sustaining about this new phone is in fact the new version of the Android OS. Although some tweaks were corrected, it seems as though the interface remains the same and there is no real tangible essence of “newness”. Personally, I believe this phone is not going to be as successful as predicted although it will open the door for the next generation of sustaining Android phones.

Sir Richard Branson is at it again! He has already tackled air and space travel, but this time he is off to conquer another frontier…the SEA.

This machine can hold 2 passengers and a pilot and maneuvers as if you were flying through the water. It is the first of its kind to hit the market earlier this year. So the obvious question would be- Is this the perfect example of innovation? With submarines, yachts, jet skis, and speed boats already in the market, how much of an impact would this new machine make?

To rent this beauty out it would take a nice little chunk of change out of your pocket (about $25,000/week to be exact). So would people even bother trying this new craft out? Or is this the beginning of a new wave of underwater exploration devices?

I personally believe that like most other luxury vehicles, this may become huge in the market and we will start to see low-end innovation versions of the product. Maybe a one-seater underwater plane that people could purchase at a lower price or maybe this can become an attraction at amusement parks or aquariums. Either way I say that this is definitely innovative and I believe that Richard Branson along with the engineering company (Hawkes Ocean Technologies) are introducing a new, modern, innovative way to get the “common” people involved in underwater exploration.

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