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The Edge's facebook complaints

The Edge's facebook complaints----CLICK to view on Facebook.com

Everyone is probably familiar with the Edge and Temple’s student housing….and how incredibly slow and painful it can be to get anything fixed or replaced. The Edge has taken a bold, highly-innovative move and has allowed their facebook page to become a medium for resolving maintenance requests and allowing students to gripe in general. I think this is a great example of the asymmetrical motivations of various organizations, as they are coming in under the shield of more accessible and simpler customer service. This difference could potentially become their sword, as people might be drawn to the Edge because of their high-level of attentiveness to service issues.

However, I would also point out that this method places much pressure on the company to vigilantly watch the page and professionally respond to each post. Missing just one may cause an irate tenant who feels they were intentionally ignored. Plus, an outsider may come across their page and view the many service requests as a sign of a run-down building with a lot of unnecessary hassles involved.

I believe the Edge is right in taking this risk, however I would make a different page for service requests than the actual main page advertising their business though.