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Hello World!

hello, worldWherein I detail The Quest Task 2.

In this task you will compose an opening post for your blog. The purpose of your opening post is to say hello to the world–to let anyone who reads your blog know a little bit about yourself and about your blog.

There are two different paths to choose from for this Task. Pick one or the other.

Path 1: Answer Me This

Write a post that answers these questions:

1. What is your name, major, and minor (if any).

2. Why are you a student in your major (or: why are you a student at Temple U., or Fox, or … ).

3. What do you hope to get out of this class.

Path 2: The Path Less Taken

Do something else that provides a professional introduction of yourself to your classmates and anyone else that might read the blog.

This could be through word, pictures, video, poetry, or any other form.

Completion Criteria (either Path)

To complete this task, post a comment below with a link to your introductory blog post.

Photo credit: hello, world by oskay, on Flickr

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