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Who ya gonna call?

Who Ya Gonna Call?Many of us are probably registered for TUAlert, a basic broadcast system for sending out alerts to Temple University community members about emergency information.

Head over to Mashable to read this post from Jolie O’Dell, How We Use Social Media During Emergencies:

As a culture, we started becoming more aware of the power of social media during times of crisis, like when the Iran election in 2009 caused a furor, both on the ground and on Twitter. More recently, the Internet and social media played an important role in spreading news about the earthquake in Haiti and political revolution in Egypt.

But what about other kinds of natural disasters or crime? Can social media be used to good effect then?

In 2009, two girls trapped in a storm water drain used Facebook to ask for help rather than calling emergency services from their mobile phones. At the time, authorities were concerned about the girls’ seemingly counterintuitive action.

However, according to new research from the American Red Cross, the Congressional Management Foundation and other organizations, social media could stand to play a larger and more formal role in emergency response. In fact, almost half the respondents in a recent survey said they would use social media in the event of a disaster to let relatives and friends know they were safe.

Click through to Jolie’s post to view a neat infographic.

Task 6: Blog post

For this week’s discussion question, answer:

What role do you think social media should play in emergency response? If you were in a natural disaster or some other type of emergency situation, in what ways would you turn to social media?

Completion Criteria (10 points)

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