Social Media Innovation by Prof. Johnson


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) #1

Here’s a set of frequently asked questions from this past week:

Q) The link for the class reading doesn’t work for me, what should I do?

A) If the short-cut doesn’t work, try this longer set of steps:

  • Go to:
  • Enter “Safari”, click on Find button.
  • Click on Safari Tech Books Online link
  • Off-campus it’ll ask you to login… on-campus it’ll take you directly there…
  • In search bar at top of site… enter book title to search on (e.g. The Web Content Style Guide: An Essential Reference for Online Writers, Editors, and Managers ), choose “Book Titles” in drop-down list.

Q) My blog doesn’t look like the class blog where there are posts on the front page. How do I fix that?

A) Follow the directions at this link:

Q) I am trying to add links to the blogroll, but they are just going under my bookmarks.  How do I fix this?

A) To add links to your course website blogroll:

  • Navigate to your blog Dashboard
  • Find the Links menu, Add New submenu
  • Fill in the Name, URL, and Category fields; you can group together different kinds of links via categories (for example, on this blog I have “Blogroll” and “Class Blogs” as two categories).
  • The final step is to also make sure in the “Appearance” menu, “Widgets” submenu that you have the Links widget activated. You can further configure the widget to decide what categories you want to display and what information you want to display about each link.