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Slideshare features My Le Bui’s Fashion Photography slideshow

Congratulations to My Le Bui for having her class project, a slide show on Fashion Photography, selected by as a Spotlight slideshow in the Fashion and Beauty category.

Myle’s slide show was featured in the Spotlight for nearly a full day at the end of last week. In the process, it gained 5 times as many views as her other slide shows. Please join me in giving Myle a hearty congratulations on a job well done!

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My digital reading workflowFor this week’s discussion question, let’s talk about website promotion. What are some good ways to promote a website?

Devise realistic and executable ideas to increase traffic on your blog. Identify two specific website promotion activities you can actually do to promote content on your blog between now and the end of the semester. You can decide if you actually want to do these activities or not, but they should be things that you could realistically do you.

Include topics we’ve discussed in class or other website promotion strategies you research on the web. For both proposed activities individually provide:

(a) a description of the activity,

(b) a rationale for the activity,

(c) what you hope it will achieve, and

(d) how you will measure the success or failure of your activity.

Note: there may be overlap in the answers for your activities, but it is important to develop a unique answer for each activity.

Task 12 Completion Criteria (20 points)

Post a comment below with a link to your well-written post on this discussion topic.

Image credit: My digital reading workflow by dougbelshaw, on Flickr
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