The reading of “How to build a community online,” by Christine Cavalier, was very interesting to me because I feel like I have already applied a lot of this theory in the past.  In my quest to find a writing job in the advertising industry, I started a blog to display my skills as a writer.  In doing this, I found that in order for it to be effective, I would have to build a community around me of people who are interested in the same topic I am writing about.  These people that I have targeted to be part of this community are mostly potential employers in the industry, however, when I told them to check out my blog I did not mention anything about a potential job.  Although it is my attention to gain exposure in my quest for a job, I do not tell anyone this because, like the reading suggests, “When you find them, don’t sell, sell, sell. Don’t pitch. You don’t need to sell to them, and doing so will just make you seem disingenuous.”  Also, when I spread the word of my blog I don’t just flat out say, “hey check out my blog.”  Usually, I will attach a link to the end of my email signature or I will post it to my Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn profiles.

If exposing my blog to other people does not land me a job, I still appreciate the support of others in my community.  This is my opinion is the most important part of the 3S approach to build a community.  Supporting others work and ambitions will naturally encourage them to do the same with you.  Also, if you send your support via Facebook, Twitter, etc., that person will most likely look at your profile and possibly click your links to send support right back.

Overall, I found the guide to building a community online to be very useful and effective.  It is a strong belief of mine that if you support someone who is, as the author describes it, a “fellow believer,” they might support you back.  And even if they don’t, what’s wrong with being nice?  It is my hope though that what goes around, comes around.

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