It’s interesting that this is the blog topic for today because I have actually had to quickly explain what I was doing in this class in a job interview for an advertising internship once before.  While I mostly talked about Google Analytics and what we’re doing for a group project, I think if I had another chance I would be more concise with my answer.  Here it is:


Did you know half the world’s Internet users have a Facebook account?  The trends in social media are growing rapidly and it is continuing to become a fantastic new opportunity for business ventures.  In my social media innovation class we not only learned more about the capabilities of various social media platforms, but also the learned about the potential it has have on a business.  In the midst of working on a group project, we learned more about AdWords, AdSense, how to track a campaign using Google Analytics, and how to set up a clean and concise WordPress blog.  Also, through presentations from fellow students throughout the course, I learned about social media sites and that their capabilities that I had previously never heard of.  Overall though, did not learn more about social media, but rather how to use it and use it right.

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