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I decided that there are two promotion activities that I wanted to do in order to increase traffic to my blog. The two things I decided to do are: developing QR codes to direct mobile traffic to my blog and submitting blog links on StumbleUpon and Digg.

QR Codes:
a) For this activity all I would need to do is go to a site that generates QR codes, such as Kaywa.   The site allows you to make QR codes for URLs, so I would just make one that contained the URL for my blog. After getting the QR code, I would paste the QR code into a document and make a flyer to post around campus. People with barcode scanners on their smartphones would be able to scan the QR code and upon scanning, would be directed to my site.

b) The reason for doing this would be to generate traffic from mobile devices. Additionally, it is a marketing technique that many companies use nowadays as well.

c) I hope it will generate interest in my site and will increase traffic to it from people that scan it.

d) I will measure how successful it is by examining how much mobile traffic I get on my Google Analytics page.

a) For this activity, I would submit an article from my blog to StumbleUpon. After submitting, people using the site could find a link to my blog article.

b) My rationale for doing this is to diversify where traffic to my site is coming from.

c) I hope that people from different areas of the country and world will come to my site if they find it on StumbleUpon. As it stands, most of the traffic to my site comes from the Philadelphia area. Hopefully with this technique, more people in different areas can find my site.

d) I will measure how successful this is by examining my Google Analytics. Google Analytics tell you where your site is being referred from. With that said, Analytics will show my how many people are coming from StumbleUpon.

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