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I decided to do my offline marketing campaign using QR codes. The goal of this campaign was to increase mobile traffic to my site by printing out flyers with QR codes on them. The first thing that I did was go to Kaywa and generator a QR code for my site. After that I saved the image of the QR code and posted it on a flyer that had the worlds “Scan this QR code to go the best website in the universe”. After that, I posted them up around Temple’s campus. In addition to this, I also posted the QR code for my site to my class presentation on QR codes with the hope that my classmates would try to view the QR code on my slides.

I checked the results today through viewing my Google Analytics. Google Analytics allows users to view if any mobile devices viewed their website. By viewing Analytics, I was able to see how many mobile devices viewed my site from the QR code. Unfortunately, I did not get a high level of traffic from the campaign. From April 14th to April 25th I only received 4 views from mobile devices, with 2 coming from Android devices, and the other two coming from Nokia and iPhone devices.

I think using QR codes in a offline marketing campaign to generate traffic is a great thing to do. My results aren’t what I would want, but I had a great time exploring this technology and how it can be used for marketing purposes.

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