Nowadays, a lot of companies, especially retails, are trying to develop a strong online presence. One of the techniques to substantially increase a company’s online presence is to create and maintain an active Facebook Fan Page. This fan page allows companies to interact with customers as well as potential customers and get a greater exposure on the Internet.

For my group project, I created a Facebook Fan page called Coupon Box. Our mission is to provide a one-stop shop for regular shoppers who seek for coupon and good deals. In order to promote Coupon Box, I recently run a Facebook Ad campaign. It is pretty simple to create a Facebook Ad once you already have a Facebook Fan Page and knows what you want to do with your page. Here are the step-by-step break down:

Step 1: Design your ad

This is the snapshot of the information you need to populate to design your ad. This information will be automatically filled in if your site is complete and have enough information in it. For example, the “Body” section is taken from the “About” section of your Facebook Page information. I created this campaign before I populated that information. Thus, the “Body” section was filled in by Facebook with a very general description. You can change any information above to fit your advertising objectives.

2. Targeting

This section will determine who will see your facebook ad.

In this step, you will choose the location, demographic and like&interest of your targeting audiences. In my opinion, the like and interest section is the most important part of this step. You need to identify about the appropriate terms and phrases that relates to the content of your page in order for the campaign to be successful. For example, since my Facebook fan page is about Coupon, the terms I chose was shopping, online shopping and also some brand names such as Express, Victoria Secret, etc. Facebook also gives you an estimate of how many people are in your audience base. For my set-up, my target audience base is about 12 million people.

Step 3: Campaign, Pricing and Scheduling

As you can see, in this step, you are required to set up a daily budget for you campaign. Because Facebook Ad is a pay-per-click model, you get an estimate of the cost of each click. My cost per click is $1.41, which is pretty expensive. You also need to pick time frame for your campaign, otherwise, the campaign will going on forever!!.

It’s really quick to get your ad approved and actually see it on your website. Below is a snapshot of my ad on my personal facebook page

(It’s at the bottom on the right :] )

As of 2:16pm on April 13, 2011, my campaign has been running for approximately 2 hours and got 4,015 impression (how many times it has appear on someone’s Facebook), 4 clicks (2 of which becomes fan), and cost me $4.35.

Stay tune for more update about the result of my Facebook Ad Campaign :)

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