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This post is in response to the question posed by professor Stephen L. Johnson from here, “In just a few sentences, what would you summarize as a key “take-away” that you’ve learned from this course this semester?”

My response would be the importance of knowing your audience. That’s what it really boils down to. In order to do anything successfully on the internet, you need to understand who you are targeting, how you can target them, and methods to track whether you are doing a good job. Everything we covered reflected around this point in one way or another, from Google Analytics to SEO to centralized vs. decentralized networks, and everything else in between.

If you just had to remember one thing for class, this would be it: know your audience.

Social Media

Danbo ponders what social media is.

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In response to Gary Stein’s article, “Nobody Gets Social Media… Yet“, he takes a look at mistakes people assume with social media when regarding buisness. He lists these as using motivational statements instead of mission statements as to how to utilize social media, ego-centric measurement fixation where businesses only focus on the number of “likes” or fans instead of looking at the whole story, and the mis-perception that social media isn’t media.

Social media is new and different in the way that the interconnectedness of people’s lives through the use of the internet is a fairly recent innovation. Especially in how businesses are trying to leverage it to enhance their reputation, sell products and better their business. Stein poses the challenge of looking at a new definition of media for businesses: “any moment when the brand and the consumer come into contact with each other.” In this regard, social media as an interaction between people and businesses has been around since the creation of commerce. Social media requires new skills and capabilities for organizations to properly understand how they can effectively utilize social media in the connection with their customers. It requires narrowing their reason for using social media to a clear and directional plan, as well as realizing that the number of fans doesn’t necessarily mean that business is a success. A strategy needs to be in place to use social media to get consumers to “act positively toward that brand”.

As it stands now, businesses need to allow social media to evolve and learn how to properly use it to interact with their customers and increase their business.


A short stop-motion video I put together about an unsuccessful villain. The images were shot with a Canon 7D and a 35mm 1.4f L lens. Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Premier Pro were used for post processing and compiling.


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Promoting you blog is an important part in increase traffic and your online presence. It is important to develop strategies to do this that are both realistic and measurable, to ensure that you are effectively doing what you intend. Below, I developed 2 such strategies.

Idea #1: Use social networks for post promotion

Description: Use a URL shortener and post the link of the blog post in Facebook status updates and Twitter tweets, along with a short attention-grabbing description.

Rationale: Due to the fact that I have friends in these social networks who do not know about, or read, my blog, this would be an effective way for them to hear about it and possibly drive them to visit my blog.

Objective: I want to increase the number of visitors to my blog overall, and each individual blog post. This will allow me to post those links to increase traffic.

Measurement: I will know if this is successful by checking Google Analytics to see if page visits increases, as well as if the referrals are coming from Facebook and Twitter.

Idea #2: Photography blog ring integration

Description: Join a photography blog ring of authors who refer and cross-promote other similar bloggers in the ring to increase traffic to each individual blog.

Rationale: By joining a group that is interested in, and posts, similar content as me, I’ll be able to attract more relevant visitors to my blog, where they will stay longer and look around.

Objective: I will continue to focus on and use my own photography to generate content. Then join a blog ring of similar-minded bloggers to help cross-promote the different blogs to increase traffic of relevant visitors.

Measurement: I will know if this is successful by checking Google Analytics to see if the traffic is being referred from any of the other sites in the blog ring and if the duration on site increases over the implementation period.

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