After this whole experimentation with Foursquare, I realized there are a range of different perspective on this social media platform. Foursquare is a location-based mobile platform that makes navigating through places easier and more exciting to explore. This service is available to users with GPS enabled mobile phone, such as smartphones. Simply by checking in you can share your current location with families and friends while accumulating points and virtual badges. To read more from my previous post, click HERE.

My View on Foursquare: I am an explorer at heart, therefore naturally I love the location based social media site. I have fun going out and discovering all the hidden gems within the city. Sometimes, I realized I love check-in only when I am out in town. I don’t normally remember to check-in at every single little places, like school building, library, etc.  It’s actually more fun when you have more friends on Foursquare, then it turn into competition. I believe Foursquare will get bigger within the near future. However, it may face firece competition from Facebook location based application which have similar feature and ability. I think after so many check-in, you will get bored with it and will stop. Perhaps, this is why they create the badge system which let you earn badges for completing a certain citeria of check-in. This is great for business that relies in people checking into their venue. People also are able to leave tips about a particular places which helps the businesses. Overall, I love Foursquare, but I feel it can get repetitive unless I travel all over the places. Some people may view this as stalking behavior to have your friends know where you’re at. The only way to solve this, is not to check-in at every single place or private location such as your home. I won’t mind checking into a public places and letting everyone know. I guess it’s all a matter of preference. You must experiment it for yourself before determing if it’s for you or not.

Classmate Blogging about Foursquare:

Hanh Huynh: From Hanh’s blog, I get the impression that she enjoy using Foursquare. She did a recap of her Foursquare usage in the first 10 days. She make a great point about the leadership board she say that,  “in order to have a high ranking in the leadership board, you need to check-in often instead of trying to rack -up the points for the whole week and then do nothing after that.”

Kiara Robinson: One of my classmate, Kiara, express a dislike for Foursquare. She stated that, “For me personally, I am not a fan. It was fun to check into my apartment the first time, but after 16 times of checking in, I got bored and started to forget.  More importantly, it kind of creeps me out to know where my friends are all the time. I only have like 6 Foursquare friends but the app I have for my phone notifies me when they check-in somewhere. So I literally see where they are like 15+ times a day. Some stalkers might enjoy that type of thing but I feel more comfortable texting them if we need to meet up.”

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