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Throughout this semester in Social Media Innovation class, I have discovered much more about social media than I thought I would. This class has provided me with the basic foundation in order to cultivate a community within the Internet. I have learned what its take to build online communities of loyal followers. Social media is about a two-way street communications, you share information and people give feedback. You must be consistent in providing meaningful yet engaging contents for your online community. It’s fun to be a part of this class to immerse myself in all the diverse strategies to share information whether it is through blogging, video, online presentation, animation, picture and many more.


I am the marketing and social media coordinator for the Facebook fan page for, Kenneth Bentley Photography. I decided it was best to use the advertising money for this page. Here is the step by step process of how to create an ad on Facebook.

Step 1: Visit , this page will just give you the overview of what Facebook ads is all about. At the top right hand corner you will see the tap, “create an ad” click on that. Tip: Read Case Studies tap at the main page of Facebook Ads page.

Step 2: Design Your Ad: you will land on the designing page section of the Facebook ads. It will ask you the destination, type, url, title, body message, image and preview. If you don’t understand what each section mean, there is a question mark icon next to each, simply click on it to have further instruction. You will create the overall image of your Facebook ads in this part. Then click continue.

Step 3: After you click to the next part, it goes to the targeting section of the ad. You can narrow down who you want to target through country, demographic, interests, and connection on Facebook. There is also an option of advance target which goes into birthday, work, education, and relationship status. Depending on how wide or narrow you want your target audience to be, you edit this section accordingly. After each selection, there is an estimate reach info provided at the right. Then click continue.

Step 4: The next section focus on campaigns, pricing, and scheduling. You will enter account currency, time zone, campaign and budget, schedule and pricing. You also have an option for advance pricing which ask whether you want pay for impression or pay for clicks. It’s basically asking for a bid price you’re willing to pay for the amount of impression or click you get for your ad.

I have selected

  • Bid Type: CPM in Ad Space
  • Bid: $0.45 USD per thousand impressions
  • Lifetime Budget: $20 USD
  • Duration: 04/26/2010 – 05/15/2011

Step 5: After you preview your ad you will either place the order or go back and edit the ad. Once you place the order, you must enter your credit card information.

Step 6: After submitting your order, Facebook will bring you to the campaign page which is where you will keep track of the results of your ad campaign.

This is a slide I have put together to recommend some social media website. We all know the popular one such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube to name a few but htere are so many out there. It’s good to explore and try it out to see if you can implement into your social media strategy. Enjoy.

Viral Marketing of a Product

Old Spice: It’s a deodorant product that uses a brand character in their commercial known as “Old Spice Man” who is played by topless, good-looking spokesman with a sense of comedic timing. The message is well done as it appeals to people’s ego. It has a very personalized feel as if the Old Spice Man is actually talking to you. What the man says were a wonderful mix of coolness and materials internet memes are consist of. The brand, Old Spice, never thrust their product into viewers’ throats. Most notably, it’s exceptionally fun to watch because you can expect a few laughs out of it. A friend of mine sends me a YouTube link to watch it. I shared it with my friends – from there it spread.  


Viral Marketing with Network Effects

Viral marketing refers to marketing methods that use social networks to generate increase in brand awareness through word of mouth. With that definition in mind, the networks effects enhanced the viral marketing process. If the viral marketing is executed successfully, it will naturally spread on its own. But, by having the networks effects it simply improved the results because the more customers you have, the more it will multiply.


Sitemeter is really simple to use. It is free unless you want to upgrade to their paid service which will have added features obviously.  The free service will do just fine unless you have ton of traffic, I would recommend going with the free version.  If you want to go with the paid service, you have to sign up for one account for each website. You have to show their seal for their service which is the Sitemeter icon you install on your blog unless you pay for it. With Sitemeter, you can view exactly where all your traffic is coming from which only seems to be delayed by a minute or less, which is really nice.  You can have the results sent to your email inbox every day, week, or month.  Their summary usually shows you the online status of your visitors. It’s doesn’t show much of graphic representation for an easier evaluation. All Sitemeter does is list the information of each visit, it doesn’t provided detail information about the whole traffic visit.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a bit more advance compare to Sitemeter. It’s a free service which is a huge plus. However, you do not have to sign up for every new account for each website or blog you want to monitor, it goes into one account. This is great since you have everything all in one place. You can sign up for a Google account and have the results sent to you whenever you would like it. In term of their features, there seems to be a whole lot more with many layers of tracking your visitors. You are provided with a lot more stats: visits, impressions, clicks, margin, bounce rate, and many others. It doesn’t let you know whether your visitors are online or not as Sitemeter does.  It quite accommodating in determining the trend of your traffic.

Traditionally, we are used to witness communication through a one-way communication channel such as television, radio, newspaper and advertising, among others.  These methods are very limited since consumer of such information can only soak up the information provided and nothing else. You cannot give your thoughts on the matter.

Social media is new and different because it’s a two-way street that allows interaction capability between its message and its audience. The best way to describe what social media is precisely is to break it down to pieces. Media is tool on communication, like newspaper, magazine, TV, and radio. Therefore, social media is a social tool on communication. We can share information and ideas with other people. Social media will be meaningless without participation and collaboration of the people.

As you can observe, social media is much wider than what the majority of people believe. We could claim that the first Usenet, a form of distributed discussion system, developed in 1980 was already social media. Perhaps it has been around longer than we realized. How about the telephone? Would that be a form of social media, since it’s a media where two people are communication with each other? Maybe it has been around longer but we don’t recognize as such. We all communicate; it’s just a different method to communicate with social media.

Since social media is a term that is fairly recent, organizations and businesses may need some time to explore what is needed in order to utilized it for their purposes. The objective for using social media for business and individual are dissimilar. When business decided to use social media, they must educate their employees on this new media. They’re building a brand through this medium just like any other that they use previously. But, they must understand this medium and what strategy will be best suited for their goal.  

It would be interesting to see where social media will be in the future as it get more establish.

I created an account with Digg, a place where people can share content on the web.

What is Digg?

Digg is a place for people to discover and share content from anywhere on the web. From the biggest online destinations to the most obscure blog, Digg surfaces the best stuff as voted on by our community. We’re here to provide tools for our community to discover content, discuss the topics that they’re passionate about, connect with like-minded people, and make some new friends in the process. By looking at information through the lens of the collective community on Digg, you’ll always find something interesting and unique. We’re committed to giving every piece of content on the web an equal shot at being the next big thing.

I have submit a link to Digg about sunless farming as a solution to the world food problems. Click HERE to access my Digg’s page.

After this whole experimentation with Foursquare, I realized there are a range of different perspective on this social media platform. Foursquare is a location-based mobile platform that makes navigating through places easier and more exciting to explore. This service is available to users with GPS enabled mobile phone, such as smartphones. Simply by checking in you can share your current location with families and friends while accumulating points and virtual badges. To read more from my previous post, click HERE.

My View on Foursquare: I am an explorer at heart, therefore naturally I love the location based social media site. I have fun going out and discovering all the hidden gems within the city. Sometimes, I realized I love check-in only when I am out in town. I don’t normally remember to check-in at every single little places, like school building, library, etc.  It’s actually more fun when you have more friends on Foursquare, then it turn into competition. I believe Foursquare will get bigger within the near future. However, it may face firece competition from Facebook location based application which have similar feature and ability. I think after so many check-in, you will get bored with it and will stop. Perhaps, this is why they create the badge system which let you earn badges for completing a certain citeria of check-in. This is great for business that relies in people checking into their venue. People also are able to leave tips about a particular places which helps the businesses. Overall, I love Foursquare, but I feel it can get repetitive unless I travel all over the places. Some people may view this as stalking behavior to have your friends know where you’re at. The only way to solve this, is not to check-in at every single place or private location such as your home. I won’t mind checking into a public places and letting everyone know. I guess it’s all a matter of preference. You must experiment it for yourself before determing if it’s for you or not.

Classmate Blogging about Foursquare:

Hanh Huynh: From Hanh’s blog, I get the impression that she enjoy using Foursquare. She did a recap of her Foursquare usage in the first 10 days. She make a great point about the leadership board she say that,  “in order to have a high ranking in the leadership board, you need to check-in often instead of trying to rack -up the points for the whole week and then do nothing after that.”

Kiara Robinson: One of my classmate, Kiara, express a dislike for Foursquare. She stated that, “For me personally, I am not a fan. It was fun to check into my apartment the first time, but after 16 times of checking in, I got bored and started to forget.  More importantly, it kind of creeps me out to know where my friends are all the time. I only have like 6 Foursquare friends but the app I have for my phone notifies me when they check-in somewhere. So I literally see where they are like 15+ times a day. Some stalkers might enjoy that type of thing but I feel more comfortable texting them if we need to meet up.”


This is a video of Temple Vietnamese Student Association for the officer Thanksgiving dinner get together. I create a YouTube account in order to upload this video. I was playing around in their video editor section but I like the original video so I will not change anything to it. However, if you’re wondering what can youtube editing capabilities are: add music, audio swap, add captions and subtitles. It have basic video editing feature therefore I would recommend you use other video editing software if you more advance editing.

After signing up for Foursquare during the beginning of this month, I have been exploring it a bit. It’s useful when I am exploring the city and checking into places with tips offer about that particular location. After  a couple of check-in, I finally earn my three badges from Foursquare. The fun part is just going out and having fun, don’t worry so much about what you must do to earn those badges. Of course, unless you’re competing with your friends to see who earn the most badges. My badges that I earned come as a surprise to me but I got excited when I got the notification about it.

Click HERE to view my Foursquare page.

Here are the following badges that I’ ve earned:



This is the “Newbie” badge that I have earn on April 3. In order to obtain this badge all you have to do is have your first check-in.







This is the “Adventure” badge that I have earn on April 10. In order to obtain this badge all you have to do is check into 10 different venues.







This is the “Crunked” badge that I have earned on April 10. I have earned this badge by visiting 4+ stops within one night!