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I am the marketing and social media coordinator for the Facebook fan page for, Kenneth Bentley Photography. I decided it was best to use the advertising money for this page. Here is the step by step process of how to create an ad on Facebook.

Step 1: Visit , this page will just give you the overview of what Facebook ads is all about. At the top right hand corner you will see the tap, “create an ad” click on that. Tip: Read Case Studies tap at the main page of Facebook Ads page.

Step 2: Design Your Ad: you will land on the designing page section of the Facebook ads. It will ask you the destination, type, url, title, body message, image and preview. If you don’t understand what each section mean, there is a question mark icon next to each, simply click on it to have further instruction. You will create the overall image of your Facebook ads in this part. Then click continue.

Step 3: After you click to the next part, it goes to the targeting section of the ad. You can narrow down who you want to target through country, demographic, interests, and connection on Facebook. There is also an option of advance target which goes into birthday, work, education, and relationship status. Depending on how wide or narrow you want your target audience to be, you edit this section accordingly. After each selection, there is an estimate reach info provided at the right. Then click continue.

Step 4: The next section focus on campaigns, pricing, and scheduling. You will enter account currency, time zone, campaign and budget, schedule and pricing. You also have an option for advance pricing which ask whether you want pay for impression or pay for clicks. It’s basically asking for a bid price you’re willing to pay for the amount of impression or click you get for your ad.

I have selected

  • Bid Type: CPM in Ad Space
  • Bid: $0.45 USD per thousand impressions
  • Lifetime Budget: $20 USD
  • Duration: 04/26/2010 – 05/15/2011

Step 5: After you preview your ad you will either place the order or go back and edit the ad. Once you place the order, you must enter your credit card information.

Step 6: After submitting your order, Facebook will bring you to the campaign page which is where you will keep track of the results of your ad campaign.

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Facebook banned from the workplace!

Do you agree or disagree that “Facebook should be banned in the workplace”? Would you work for a company that banned the use of Facebook?

Whether it be facebook, twitter, youtube, tumblr, reddit or any other social media outlets of your preference, it is a fact that most of the tools, sites, and channels are time-consuming nature. Normally, if you are to waste your own private time working around those communities, sharing information, watching video clips, meeting new people, then it would be acceptable. However, it’s when your usage of these social media gets out of your home and steps into your working hours that may stir up some troubles.

From personal experience, how I see it is that unless your job description include you utilizing facebook for public relations, marketing, promotion, online communities, customer engagement and interaction, if not it will cause serve damage to the quality of your work. For professional in the industry, it’s their job. They don’t go on facebook to view their friend’s profile or to chat. These workers’ job is to analyze the facebook’s communities for their company. It’s part of the job.

The majority of the problem lies in people abusing the system and using it for personal enjoyment. It can get quite addictive. A mere ten minutes can easily become one hour if not more.  Which lead to an unproductive work and a decrease in the quality of work you will provided. When people take mini break to log into facebook it’s acceptable. The line is cross when it goes beyond that to more than a hour. If it’s necessary, then facebook should be banned from the workplace.

Since my interest is online communities and marketing, I want to work for a companies that allow facebook access.

Basic Profile

Name: My Le Bui
Nationality: Vietnamese
Birthplace: Vietnam
Residence: Philadelphia
Major: Marketing with a minor in Information Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Dream Career: Working for a magazine
Favorite Disney Character: Belle, from Beauty and the Best
Arts: Photography and Graphic Design - click for my portfolio
Travel Destinations: Egypt, Spain, Thailand, Rome, Argentina, and Morocco
Currently playing: Snow Patrol – Run
Internship: Marketing Intern at Campus Philly and Communications Intern at Grid Magazine
Statement: I love to study human behavior. That’s why marketing, psychology, social media,  and various others are of interest to me.


Something Extra Extra…..

Here is to the soul-expanding power of the simply beautiful mind – YOU.”

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Hello World!

My name is My Le Bui.

Sometimes I think. Sometimes I am.

I see myself as

adventurous, friendly, and intelligent person.

I am an optimist who likes to look for the good in people.

A good listener,

I excel at helping others in practical ways.

I tend to express myself,

mainly through writing and art.

I am captivated by photography – my favorite form of art.

I am the keeper of memories.

I help people reminisce

one of the most beautiful moments of their lives.

And sometimes places and objects, too.

Some people call me an amateur photographer.

But I prefer photography enthusiast.

I tell stories with exquisite pictures,

splatter visions with light,

share laughter with friends.

I love to make new friends, but I’m lousy at breaking the ice.

So, I stuck it up and make the effort,

Because that triumph standing around

smiling awkwardly at each other.


Wonder and beauty can be found in the most unlikely places.

Sitting alone on paradise island with a good book,

Empty trains on a lonely rainy day,

Instrumental – sometimes words are unnecessary,

Laughter of children in the playground,

Old couples in their 80’s holding hands,

You will find it by

noticing your surrounding a bit more.

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If I could have one superpower, I’d choose to fly.

I want to live an extraordinary life.

I want to transforms the world

through imagination and arts.

But one day, I want to visit Egypt,

to see the camel travel across the desert.

And France, to hear the sound of lovers

float across the coffee shop

as the sun slowly sinks beneath the horizon.

And Thailand, to partake in the colorful floating food market

with a crowd of a thousand.

And then I will come back and share it with all of you!

This is not really a poem.

But I’ve found if you use random line breaks

and make everything center justified,

people will think you are writing poetry.

I think that’s funny.

(You should try it sometime.)

Until next time

Good-bye World!