This class has given me a greater insight into the social media world. The major aspect I would take from it would be trying new things and applying everything I have learned about social media to my everyday life. I believe within the next 10-15 years every human being will have interacted with social media whether it is through networking, blogging, making pictures. I did not know what to really expect coming into the class. I now know how to “Blog” and attract people to my social networking sites such as FB and Twitter, and configure my websites with all types of coding using widgets and plugins. I also know how to read and analyze the traffic which my sites receive as well as interpret how companies advertise and target their audiences. Social media is something I think everyone should be exposed to. The media gallery I went to during Philly Tech Week really opened my eyes to some of the most amazing things people can do digitally through the computer.  As a business student I hope the things I have learned in this class will help me get to the top so I can teach others how to become socially involved through media and networking.








Today I attended one of Philly’s Tech Week events at Devnuts. There I experienced and digital media gallery by Artician. The group creates digital media which was amazing, Probably the most exciting thing I have seen dealing with media. The art wasn’t just creations people put together but they represented something the person experienced. The environment was very chill and relaxed. I thought they were going have a long lecture but basically you came viewed the art, asked questions, ate snacks and if you like enjoyed the beer they offered. I even watched myself on the Live stream from my phone. Classmate Sarah Siedman and Tim Proud accompanied me, we had some fun making jokes and viewing the pieces. I would definitely visit the Artician Digital Media Gallery Again.






There aren’t that many differences in my Sitemeter and Google analytics sites. At first I thought I would like Sitemeter more than Google because the view of the information was easier when looking at the site summary. I later learned to understand Google and how it presents the data especially after enrolling in the Google challenge with my group. Sitemeter uses bar graphs as opposed to Google which uses line graphs. Both sites use pie graphs. With Google you don’t have to sign up for every account like you would have to with Sitemeter. You can easily sign up for a Google account, and have the results sent to you whenever you would like. With Sitemeter I can view exactly where all my traffic is coming from which is only delayed by a minute or less. Overall I probably will continue to hook up all my sites to Sitemeter, I prefer the bar graphs and the site summary is simpler.

I created a Facebook ad in addition the Facebook group page for my step team. With this ad I hope that my step teams gains more notice through outside sources other than the Temple network. To create the Facebook ad I first went to the group and clicked on the create ad link which is located on the right hand side. I had to first select a URL for the ad in which people could click on to find out more information on the step team. I used the group page URL. Next I had to insert the body which is the text that is read next to an ad. The site then asked for an image in which I used the flyer from the step show we had last Thursday. I chose to target people who live in the US, age 17 and up, all genders, have interest in step teams or competitions, and Temple University. The last step is to set a budget. I chose to only run the ad from 4/27-5/5 and from there the team can decide if they want to keep the ad where they can use team dues to pay for it. My budget was set at .88 cents a click. I now understand why people do create ads, I only recommend this for people who are serious about advertisement and will see some type of profit from creating an ad.


About two weeks ago I created a Facebook page along with the president of my step team. We decided to create the group page in order to promote our step show which took place last Thursday 4/21. The step show was held on campus at the Baptist Temple where other step teams from different schools competed against each other for a cash prize of $500.00. We were so shocked at the turn out and how well the teams performed. Being as though we are non Greek step team it is hard to put on step shows and actually get people to attend. I decided to create the group page so that we can reach out to not only the teams that performed in our show but other steps teams as well. It was a hard process in trying to contact each team via email.

From my homepage I clicked on create a group on the left hand column of the homepage. I clicked on customize at the top of the page to create the group name which is “Ladies of Elegance Step Organization”. Next I added members to the page which mainly consisted of the members of the step team. The group page is open where all the members can invite their own friends.

Creating a Facebook group page is pretty simple. I have learned a great deal in this class on how social media helps in networking, therefore my team can use this Face book page as a networking source to reach out to other step teams and to hopefully find out about other steps shows in which we can participate in.


Inthe past week since joining foursquare I have collected 3 badges. I did not think this would happen as fast as I am getting used to the application. I have received the Newbie badge which was for my first check in on Septa bus line at 8:17 am, April 14th. I received the 4sqDay2011 badge for being at The Vault Ultra Lounge at 11:02 pm, April 16th. This one was more surprising because I had never been to the lounge but I know of many people who have. The 4spDay badge represent 4/4^2 = 4/16. My third badge is the Adventurer badge for checking into 10 different venues. I unlocked this badge at the Wing Stop on broad street at 3:35 pm, April 21st. I am excited to see what other badges I can collect.

An example where I have participated in viral marketing of a product or service is with a company called Ardyss International. My mother was first introduced to the company through a childhood friend where she then passed the information onto to my aunt, grandmother, and even family hairdresser. The company is a Health and Wellness company which sells products for great health ending results while making residual money. The process begins with one person introducing the company to another where you begin a membership and talk about the benefits of the company and its products. You experience great things which give the urge to tell others because the final results are so beneficial to the body physically, mentally and financially. Some people may not know about Ardyss international but it has been around for 20 years. It started out as a Spanish speaking company and has now expanded to almost all the countries and cities around the world; hence the name “Ardyss International”.

Another example in which I have participated in viral marketing is the Girl Scouts of America. Many people assume the girl scouts is all about cute little girls selling cookies when in all actuality the organization focuses on the development of education and life skills for young girls and women. It starts off with one mother or woman figure telling another and so on. This passing of information is great because although some people may not sign their daughter up for girl scouts another parent will, and some young girl’s life could be changed from the experience gained through the girl scouts.

From experience with Ardyss international I think viral marketing is more likely to be successful for products with network effects because the best way to communicate or get information out in the open is through word of mouth. I must say social media websites have enhanced the way people share information and what better way for companies to spread news about new and upcoming products or services than through vital marketing and networking. Through vital marketing people learn how to network and make new friendships and partnerships which may lead to a financial profit for those specific individuals.


Social media has always been around for those who don’t realize this, it is the new way of advertising. Advertising is a marketing tool that has always been around. Social media is something new and different being that technology is emerging and it allows people to communicate with one another more quickly and efficiently with more than one person at a time. Social media requires new skills and capabilities for organizations because people within in the organizations have to stay updated with the newest types of social media such as Twitter and Facebook. Many companies today are using all types of social media to promote their mission and brands. Companies can reach out to billions of people in 2.5 seconds. I agree with Stein that social media gives us a “chance to rethink and redefine our jobs”. Marketing departments don’t have to do all the work anymore they can leave it up to the consumers to help in making the decision for the companies next hot product. Social media is taken the world to a new horizon, hopefully it continues.

I have finally joined foursquare after my phone has been out of commission for the past few weeks. Foursquare is a mobile platform where people can check in at various locations they visit whether the visit the location once or frequently. It also gives individuals and their friends new ways to explore and try new places and things.  At first I was apprehensive to this application because I have seen it on Facebook, and I really did not want people to know my exact location. After researching and seeing that it is up to the individual to post their location, I have come around and plan to use foursquare. Being that I travel to more than 5 places a day I think foursquare will be fun and interesting. Hopefully over the next few weeks I can earn some type of badge or become mayor.