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Ethically this is wrong because in some ways it is violating the rights of innocent citizens no matter if it’s here in America or across the world in another country. Creating these fake online personas is kind of taking things to the extreme.  I know that government officials are trying to crack down on major situations such as terrorism but some things are unpredictable and unstoppable. When violating someone’s privacy I do not think it matters if the government or corporate does it. But people in general should be careful of what they upload on to sites such as Facebook especially if you work in a corporate business; you are representing your company inside and outside of work. My social networking sites are all private and my settings for everything are blocked. I thought if the government feels someone is acting suspicious that they have the right to approach that individual. I think this is another sneaky way of handling things but everyone seems to be taken advantage of social networks for all types of purposes.

I’m not quite sure if social media should play a role in emergency response but if it does it should be used as a secondary resource. When I say secondary I mean after we use our primary resources such as telephone, text, or even e-mail if necessary. If I were in an  emergency situation and it’s a situation where phone systems being down, the internet which is driven by cable should come into play, therefore I would then use it as a way to reach out. Some may disagree and say social media should have a bigger role during emergency response. With the younger generation this may seem like the way to go being as though almost everyone has internet access and are on either facebook or twitter. In the case of the two girls trapped in the water drain I feel as though they could have called 911 and then used facebook as well to reach out to friends or even family members. All the new technology with mobile devices makes it easier to track where people are. There are so many new apps on the phone systems such as GPS, therefore it is almost easy to find out where anyone is at any second. I still think people should watch the news but in today’s society the internet is faster and efficient, and people tend to pay more attention to their facebook than they do to their own lives, or work.

I also found this article,

                        I most definitely agree that facebook should be banned within the workplace. From a business owner perspective you would not want your employers to be on a social networking site all day. Facebook does not pertain to most jobs and it makes people less productive. If its not work related, then it does not need to be present. Most workplaces have internet access and that itself should be enough. The internet is a big distraction and Facebook only creates problems.

            I currently work for a company that bans Facebook, and  I have no problem working for other companies that ban the website as well. With facebook comes the issues of inappropiate commentary, pictures, etc. All these can cause a person to lose his or her job. Therefore companies should stick to the main focus and production of work. Facebook is like downtown when you are in the comfort of your home and privacy where you can be carefree to do as you  want, the workplace is on someone else’s time.