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Sitemeter tends to be more complicated because in order to keep it free new accounts need to created for each site you have. This poses a problem because information distribution can be unclear. I believe sitemeter also doesn’t keep accurate track of the visits to your site; also counts when you visit your own site. Google analytics displays more detailed information and is totally free which is always a plus. Also google requires your email for account creation so you have constant updates on how your site is doing.

The organization I’m choosing is a place I currently work, this organization is decentralized because each property runs independently of each other. There are levels of management but job responsibilites are blurred; power is distributed amongst all the employees, work hours are flexible and there is ambiguity in how you complete your job task. The organization is also centralized because there is a hierarchy of status; account manager, guest service coordinator and guest service associate. This is part of a bigger hierachry which consists of all the properties in philadelphia being managed by the district manager. If I had to choose which organization this would be I would say it’s a hybrid organization because there are position titles but the power is shared amongst many people.

From what I can gather from joing 4Square, 4Square is a site that gives you the opportunity to go to places and use your mobile device to document your experience, afterwards you can comment on what you did, where you’ve been and see who else has been there. This program also lets you interact with friends or interact with people you never met.

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