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1) I plan to start commenting on other blog’s outside of the class blog, I want to comment on controversial issues and also just enage in activities where I could leave a footprint, hopefully people will trace it back to my blog.

2) By commenting and also starting talks on controversial issues, I think people will respond to my action. If I say something that goes against popular opinion or something that is obsurd, people will want to know why I’m doing this. Either way it should intrigue people and get them to visit my blog.

3) By doing all this I hope to increase the traffic to my site, by monitoring my blog I can see that it hasn’t seen much activity. Maybe the content is bland, by increasing my activity concerning blogging, possibly the reprocussion will be positive for me.

4) I’ll know if this tactic is working by seeing if the number of visitors increases and by how much time they spend on my blog increases. The number of comments can also be looked at.

Something I could take away from this course is what social media really is. Before taking this course I was under the impression it was just another means for people to communicate, but after taking this course I realize it’s a driver for innovation and a vital component for companies that want to succeed. A companies business design has to include some aspect of social media if they want to stay competitive. Also it’s a way to express yourself and broaden your creativity.

I’ve looked at and told people to look at some infomercials about exercise equipment just because some of the concepts are so far fetched. They are also very funny because the instructors selling the product have a serious demeanor, but again are selling a foolish product. For example, “the rack”. It’s basically a walker senior citizens use, but now it’s used as exercise equipment. Viral marketing will be more effective within networks because information tends to flow faster through a network than with non-networks. Also once one network starts to favor a product, the fad quickly spreads and other networks follow. So the key for viral marketing is to win over some people and let them do the rest of the work for you.

Social media is new in that it allows firms to directly communicate with customers in a positive way.The customary interaction between customer and supplier is unpleasant, but now suppliers can ask the right questions to make products better without hassling customers. It’s also new in that people can live their life in the public light, not free of constraint of course. Social media is the same in that it’s just another means of communication. The first line of popular communication was AIM, then Myspace, now Facebook and Twitter. Social Media in today’s world requires much creativity and technological savy. Although using social media isn’t overally complicated, the way to use it effectively is. Companies use social media to gain an edge over competition and also expose their brand, technoloy comes into play because you want to analyze what customers are attractive to your company and an efficient way to do this is by data-mining.

I chose Nike as my first company to examine, I visited their corporate website and didn’t really find any signs of socail media, which was surprising. I suppose they don’t really need a social media presence because a lot of their brand is exposed by athletes on a global scale. The only sign of social media on Nike’s store website was a link to follow their products on twitter. As we all know, Nike is a top global brand who doesn’t need any assistance from social media at this point in time. Perhaps they would try social media as a channel for advertising in the future, which would cost a fraction of what they usually spend.

The smaller company I chose was skullcandy because their headphones are unbeatable in terms of quality and price in my opinion. This companies uses social media as a major promotional tool. Skullcandy defintely does  a good job of using social media; their site has links to twitter, facebook, myspace and you tube. This allows the company to almost have real-time updates to whats going on in the company as well as what products are coming out.

Companies that do use social media are trying to do two things, boost product exposure and keep up with technological trends. Facebook and Twitter are popular now so many companies are jumping on “the band wagon”. Also having more people aware of your products doesn’t hurt either. I’d measure the success of a companies use of social media by how much buzz the posts and links are creating. The “buzz” doesn’t have to translate to sales, if people are always talking about your product, the sales will come.

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