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Q1) In our reading last week in The Starfish and The Spider, it talked about the role of ideology in the decentralized organizations. When Christine talks about “fellow believers” do you think she means the same thing as ideology?

I think there are some common meanings between Christine’s “fellow believers” and ideology in The Starfish and The Spider.  The community is built by people have the similar interests or believes.  As long as those people get together, they are more likely to feel to belong to the community, so that they will keep following the activities in the community.

Q2) Reading through the specific suggestions on how to search, share, and support which ones make the most sense to you? Are there any you are ready to go ahead and try?

It is very challenging for to find a community which I can really fit in.  In fact, I am not good at communication, even not on online chatting.  Therefore, it is difficult to find a community which could support me.  In order to get into a community, I created my Facebook in the beginning of this year and hope more people would visit my posts and agree with my idea.

Q3) What is your overall reaction to the contents of “HOW TO BUILD COMMUNITY ONLINE“?

In “HOW TO BUILD COMMUNITY ONLINE”, the ideas of are very interesting.  I agree with the three most important aspects of building a community: search, share, and support.  In fact, it is very important to attract more believers for the community. People will be more likely to get together to share their ideas and comments with each other.  The community will become big and powerful as long as more people join in the community.

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I am in an origination that there are many people works together to make profits by selling many different kinds of products.  It is a starfish origination because people in the origination could easy create a similar origination whenever they want to.  There is no really top manager/ leaders in the organization that most people just share the information to each other.  For example, a person found a hot deal on  This person will be more likely to share the hot deal with other members in the organization.  On the other hand, this person can create another organization and post the hot deal there.  Therefore, I believe the organization is starfish.

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