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Social Media Innovation by Prof. Johnson

Passing the torch

A new Social Media Innovation class begins this evening. A new semester means a new leaderboard for a new semester of students.

So, please don’t be alarmed as your bright shiny shelf of achievements clears out today.

Best wishes to you all,

Prof. Johnson

Final Grade Timeline

I am in the process of reviewing the final activities submissions as well as reading and grading the final papers.

If all continues on schedule, I will have the final course grades calculated and submitted no later than Sunday, December 18. I’ll keep you posted via an update here (and on the portal announcements) if that changes.

Revised deadline for activities

Due to the unscheduled down time on the community site last night, I am extending submission deadline for blog posts and activities until 11:59pm this evening.

The deadline for the final individual paper is unchanged.

Spit and Polish: Final Details to Finish Strong

There is a little bit less than 5 full days left before the final deadline for all course activities. Any work submitted after 8PM on Wednesday, December 14, 2011, will be considered late. Work must be submitted by the final deadline to receive full credit.

To help you do as well as possible in this course, here is a reminder of what the major course components are, their relative value towards the final grade you earn in the course, and what you can do between now and the final course deadline to demonstrate your level of achievement.

There are 4 major course components, I cover each one individually below.



Social media innovation in action activities


Individual end of semester report


Group infographic project



Participation is assessed based on performance during the entire semester, therefore this portion of the course is essentially complete. Still, comments posted before Wednesday, 8PM on the social media innovation in action blog will be considered in overall course participation.

Social media innovation in action activities

The bulk of the achievements credited in The Quest also count towards this portion of course performance. The deadline for submission of activities is 8PM on Wednesday. I will be checking submitted activities roughly every 24-36 hours between now and then to provide feedback.

Contact me if you have any questions!

The requirements for activity completion are outlined in this post. To help you keep track of what activities of each type you have completed, I strongly recommend that you update your personal wiki status page.

When I assess your performance in this category I will (a) check your Wiki page, (b) review the achievements you received, and (c) review your personal course blog.

I further recommend that you review all of your blog entries against the attribution guidelines provided early in the semester.

Individual end of semester report

For most of you this is the most important remaining activity. The requirements are stated in the syllabus and repeated in this post. Remember to submit your report to me in either “DOC” or “PDF” format via email. I do not want a hard copy.

Group infographic project

If you have not already done so, as per the instructions in this post document the individual efforts you made to promote your team infographic. All of the members of a team need to provide this information in order for the team to receive full credit for this project.

Final Quest Leaderboard Standings

Congratulations to everyone for finishing up the Fall 2011 Social Media Innovation in Action Quest successfully. The final standings and levels are as follows:

Best wishes to you for the rest of your semester and your future endeavors.

Announcing the final 5 quest activities

You asked for them, you’ve got them. Here are the full details on the five new activities to round out the term:


And, the most essential details repeated:

  • EXP.XEEME – Create a XeeMe.com profile with at least 5 working links
  • QUIZ.CREATE – Pick one or two assigned readings from the semester and create 4 or 5 multiple choice questions that test comprehension of the reading. Submit your questions, a link to the reading, and the correct answers via email to me (steven@temple.edu). Also submit via the usual form.
  • EXP.CLIQ – Sign-up at CliqSearch.com (via Twitter of Facebook), search for 2-3 local companies and document in a blog post (or on your wiki page) how the cliqsearch results differ from google.com
  • EXP.ONBOARD – Sign-up for one of the services described in this post http://bit.ly/s6ThNX and then write a blog post (or wiki page update) on what things the service did to help you understand how to get started with it.
  • BLOG.REVIEW – Read this article http://nyti.ms/tEn2CL about fake reviews and then search through a site with reviews and try to spot some. Write a blog post (or wiki page update) comparing what you think is a real review and what you think is a fake review.

Let me know if you have any questions about these.

The Final Countdown

We are down to the final couple weeks of the class. Here’s a reminder of the remaining milestones for successful completion of the course.

Completion of group project

You are almost done. There are two remaining tasks:

  1. Keep on promoting your infographics. The more views your infographic has, the more impressive it will be when you talk about it with future employers.
  2. Everyone must add an entry on their team Wiki page (either as a page edit or as a comment) documenting one thing you did individually to promote viewing of your infographic. The more specific, the better. I’d like to know when, where, and which version (Flickr or visual.ly) you promoted. In addition to factoring into your group project assessment, this information will also help us optimize future promotion efforts.

Week 13 class meeting

  • The focus of this week’s class meeting (tomorrow evening) is the information to know about Google Analytics. This is critical information in order for you to be able to successfully complete your final individual project. Prepare for class by reading the assigned reading and watching the assigned video.

Week 14 class meeting

In the final class meeting we will:

  1. Start the class with week 14 individual presentations,
  2. I will make a concluding presentation summarizing the semester’s material,
  3. We will recognize outstanding achievement in The Quest and the group project, and
  4. You will complete course evaluation forms.

Individual paper completion

A final 5-7 page report documenting your Personal Blog Development project is due by the end of the semester. This report has three major components:

  1. A reflection on what you learned during through class participation, development of your blog, and participation in The Quest.
  2. An analysis of your website traffic with detailed information from Google web analytics, describing how your Web hits increased or decreased over the course of the semester in relationship to traffic building activities.
  3. An evaluation of lessons learned from your website development. Include recommendations of at least three things you would do the same again and three things you would do differently in creating another a social website in the future.

Submit this paper to me electronically in either DOC or PDF format via email (to steven@temple.edu or steven.l.johnson@gmail.com) some time between now and 8:00pm, Wednesday, December 14. Late submission will result in a reduction in grade.

Other Deadlines

There are two different deadlines related to your social media innovation in action activities. The first deadline is for Quest Points and the end of semester awards (e.g., the fun stuff!). Activities successfully submitted and completed by Noon on Tuesday, December 6 will be included in the final leader board calculation.

The second deadline is for course credit (e.g., grading). Activities successful submitted and completed by 8:00pm on Wednesday, December 14, will be included in final grade calculations.

Other Announcements

  • I am eliminating the $-required activity requirement. We’ve had a full semester of activities already so I am eliminating this requirement.
  • My final regularly scheduled office hours are on Wednesday, Nov. 30 and Wednesday, Dec. 7 from 2:30pm to 5:00pm. I am also available to meet in person several other days between now and December 9. I want to be able to help everyone finish the semester successfully, so please do not wait until the last minute to ask for help!
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Final Fall 2011 Quest Standings