Social Media Innovation by Prof. Johnson

Announcing a new major set of activities

As announced in class this week there are a large number of new activities available for completion. As a reminder, in addition to the required tasks you also need to do some “your choice” tasks for successful completion of the social media innovation in action activities.

Here are the highlights of the new tasks. All of the details of each activity are included in the activity list.

Activity QPs Description
BLOG.FBLIKE 75 Add a working Facebook like button to your blog
BLOG.PLUSONE 75 Add a working Google +1 button to your blog
BLOG.TFOLLOW 75 Add a working Twitter “follow me” button on your blog
BLOG.QUOTE 50 Prepare a blog post that is primarily based on quoting sections of and reacting to the content of someone else’s blog post or article
BLOG.PHOTO 50 Prepare a blog post that is solely comprised of an original photo
EXP.KLOUT 25 Sign up with Klout and give StevenLJohnson a +K
EXP.PEERINDEX 25 Sign up with Peerindex
EXP.SCOOPIT 100 Create a topic at and add at least 10 items
EXP.PINTEREST 100 Create a board at pinterest with at least 15 items
EXP.TUMBLR 100 Create a Tumblr and reblog at least 10 items from other people

Now that we further along in the semester, I am purposely providing less details on how to complete these activities! Part of the activity itself it to figure out exactly how to complete the activity. Nonetheless, once you have started working on an activity if you get totally stuck let me know what you’ve tried so far and I’ll be glad to provide some further pointers.


Announcements have moved to the social media innovation portal.

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