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Spit and Polish: Final Details to Finish Strong

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Class Week by Week

Week 1 MIS3538 Class Discussion

Week 2 Class Preparation

Week 3 Preparation

Week 3 Follow-Up

Week 4: Here we are now, entertain us

Week 4: Follow-Up

Week 5: Tell two friends

Week 5: Follow-Up

Week 6: Starfish, spiders, and other organizational forms

Week 6: Follow-Up

Week 7: Should I stay or should I go? Keys to Engaging Communities

Week 7: Follow-Up

Week 8: Crowdsourcing: Ask a crowd, not a mob!

Week 8: Follow-Up

Week 9: TMI! Fending off information overload

Week 9: Follow-Up

Week 10: Show me the money!

Week 10: Follow-Up

Week 11: What’s a page rank? Getting started with SEO

Week 12: What’s social got to do with it?

Week 13: Traffic control, Making sense with Google Analytics

Weeks 11-13: Follow-Up


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In Detail: Social Media Innovation in Action Activities

Announcing First Set of Activities


Activity Focus: Your Questions Answered

Activity Guide: BLOG.WELCOME

Activity Guide: BLOG.CREATE

Activity Guide: BLOG.ANALYTICS


Activity Guide: BLOG.WK4READ

Activity Guide: Where do you find the activity list?

Activity Guide: Exp.Twitter1 and Exp.Twitter2

Bonus activity requirement

Announcing a new major set of activities

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The Quest

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