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In-Class Presentation and Presentation Blog Post Schedule

Making two in-class presentation during the semester, and making a blog post to the SOCIAL MEDIA INNOVATION IN ACTION blog about your presentation, is an important part of your course Participation grade.

To schedule the date for your presentations and blog posts, use the Google Documents spreadsheet found here.

Key Reminders

  • When you sign up, you are signing up for  a date to post about your presentation 1-6 days ahead of your presentation in the following class meeting.
  • Every student must sign up for two dates–preferably in two different weeks.
  • To receive full credit a blog post must appear no later than 9PM on the day that you sign up for.
  • To receive full credit you must present in class on the week that you sign up for a blog post.
  • You can prepare your post early, but please have it appear on your scheduled date (see WordPress features for how to do this)
  • There are very few extra spots, so do not wait to sign up.
  • There are two spots on Mondays; one spot on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Tuesday.
  • If your schedule changes mid-semester, work it out with a classmate to swap dates.
  • Extra quest points are granted for blog posts and presentations in the first week. 🙂

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