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Facebook Report Card ?

Nowadays, Facebook is very popular around the world. I strongly believe that most everybody around 10- 45 years old have at least one account on Facebook. That’s why Facebook was in the top ten list of the companies  that make the most profit and its stock is worth trillions dollar right now. So now Facebook has been updating its. Facebook not a place just to keep in touch with your friends, but also it a place where people can play games with their friends, and share music, videos — basically everything.  Now there is one thing that i just found out about a Facebook game that is called Facebook Report Card. Basically it gives you a grade based on how many friends you have, and how many photos, videos have you uploaded. I think that will affect middle school and high school kids because now they will spend more of their time on Facebook and try to get an A for this instead of A’s in school. I will talk  about this more when i do my presentation.

So what you do think about Facebook report Card and do you think it will affect middle school students ?

 link to the article that i read about Facebook Report Card.


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26 Responses to Facebook Report Card ?

  • My complaint with Facebook is the chat feature. It’s good enough that I don’t use AIM anymore to talk to friends online, but I still feel like they are lacking in the chat feature. It always seems to lag or freeze up, and it is a very simple application to begin with. I think you can video chat now, but I haven’t tried it out yet. Hopefully their next step is to revamp the chat feature, I think it would be a great move to pair themselves with AIM to have a great product instead of a mediocre one.

  • In my opinion, I don’t think this will lead to students spending more time on Facebook. I think Facebook is kind of addicting as it is for young kids and I don’t think a report game will add to the time. I think students spend a lot of time on facebook as is and the report card won’t increase their time on the site. It may lead to kids feeling unpopular if they have a bad grade or kids just friending people to get their friend count up. Once again Facebook right now could be affecting kids grades, but I don’t think this “report card” will lead to more time spent on facebook then they already do.

  • Well, this is obviously marketing way for Facebook to encourage its user to spend more time on Facebook, to attract more traffic. But I don’t think it will influence middle school students too much. Because it is just like other games Facebook launched. Or even it will make kids get into Facebook for more time, they will lose interests later. But anyway, as a marketing major student, I think this report card is really a good idea. Facebook know its user, people use Facebook frequently are social, they want to be the topic and popular, so the report can prove their social ability. That’s the point of the report.

  • Well, this is a obviously marketing way for Facebook to encourage its user to spend more time on Facebook, to attract more traffic. But I don’t think it will influence middle school students too much. Because it is just like other games Facebook launched. Or even it will make kids get into Facebook for more time, they will lose interests later. But anyway, as a marketing major student, I think this report card is really a good idea. Facebook know its user, people use Facebook frequently are social, they want to be the topic and popular, so the report can prove their social ability. That’s the point of the report.

  • I don’t really think this will have an overwhelming effect on the teenage (midde/highschool students). I think that for the most part Facebook is strictly used for social interaction rather than bragging rights of some new application. There may be a certain segment of the Facebook population that enjoys competing with these types of applications, but in general, I think it really won’t effect kid’s work performance more than Facebook already does.

  • I do not think Facebook report card can ebnefit anyone in any way. I see it turning Facebook into a popularity contest and making younger kids self-conscious about their profile. Imagine asking the homecoming queen to prom with a C on your Facebook Report Card.

    At the end of the day, I am sure Zuckerberg loves it. Anything to drive more and more traffic only benefits Facebook as a company.

  • A Facebook Report Card is not a good idea. I feel like it can be really distracting and people would be caught up in trying to achieve a goal that has no real value except maybe a little self- esteem boost from having a ton of friends and sharing media.

    Facebook is already a waste of time, and giving people another reason to spend hours of their day on it takes away from doing everything else.

  • Although this is not a good idea, it is no different then any other “gimmick” app that appears on facebook. I know of many people who during a period of time spent a lot of time online playing farmville and mafia wars. It seems as though this facebook report card is a one time thing. I don’t see anybody setting goals to reach a better grade. I think people will do it every once in a while but really won’t eat up their time like some games on facebook have been known to do.

  • I agree with you that Facebook is very popular and catchy nowadays. Therefore, some organizations or companies take advantage in the big population to advertise or promote the products . According to Alex, he mentioned about the Facebook report card game and it probably attracts to the teenager generation, but not the adults, in my opinion. At the first glance, this game sounds very interesting but it is very harmful for the kids. In order to get A, they have to add more random friends and don’t really know where they come from. What is the result at the end? No one can predict of it since strangers could harm the kids by going through the profile information. I think, this is not the good game for kids and should take away before something wrong could happen.

  • I think that middle school students are already addicted to Facebook, so I don’t this that this tactic will be that effective. If their grades are already suffering from Facebook use, I don’t think this is going to cause any more harm. I can’t see myself, as a middle school-er, using this feature. I disagree with Binh that the kids will start adding random kids. I know when I was younger I learned from my parents and my teachers not to do that.

  • I think this is probably a pretty bad idea. The worst part is the grading is solely based on quantity. Implying the only way to be ‘good’ at Facebook is to use it more and more and more. Surely the healthiest and safest ways to use Facebook would use a different grading system than quantitative. Maybe those things are more important.

  • I honestly do not think the facebook report card will effect the performance of middle school students. This is just another fun little game that they have come up with, just like all the other games on the site. I think this students will just use this once to see where they stand, and get bored of it. I agree with Michael when he says facebook is used for social interaction and not a competition on who has the most posts, tags, or pictures. I do not the report card will cause students to spend more time on facebook more than they already do.

  • As with all things on Facebook, this is a short trend that will fade out in a few weeks. The idea is great: give people grades on Facebook usage, when they’re unhappy with those grades, they can upload more information to Facebook (arguably Facebook’s most important asset), and get better grades so that they feel better about themselves. However, once you’re satisfied with your grades there’s no point in continuing to use the application. So, while it may eat up someone’s time for a short period of time, in the long-run this is just another fad that will go by the wayside.

  • I don’t believe that this Report Card app will affect the addictiveness to Facebook for users or regress academic performance from middle schoolers any more than it has. Like Richard Mahon said, it’s a short term trend that will fade out in a few weeks. I’ve actually never heard or seen this app before and I believe that it’ll die out relatively fast.

  • Probably not all of the kids in middle school will feel that they should raise their grade but some will definitely try to. It actually might have negative effect on kids. It is nothing more than playing with your mind, if you feel that your Facebook account is more important than your grade on your report card than you probably will try to increase it.

  • I think it’s pretty funny that people are “graded higher” for the less private they are. The picture shows an A for 1600+ friends, who knows that many people? This, like most apps, will have a small segment that takes it seriously; however in a month or two I don’t expect any new users.

  • I think Facebook report card might actually affect middle school students and possibly adults too. Creating a report card is just Facebook’s attempt to get people to use their website more frequently by turning it into a competition about who can get a higher grade. I believe its human nature for people to want to compete and trying to get the most friends and photos etc could be distracting to anyone. The biggest negative of this is it kind of turns Facebook into a game and the true purpose of the website which is to help people keep in touch will diminish. I believe just like Myspace, Facebook will have its day, especially if they don’t stop messing with the formula which made the website so popular in the first place.

  • Honestly, I think that this is one of the most useless apps that Facebook has. Who really cares about what grade they get on Facebook or how well they are doing compared to others. People are not going to spend more time than they already do on Facebook trying to add more friends, post more pictures, and post more videos. This is probably just a way for us to make our Facebooks less private so that more people can access our photos and use them for their own purposes because I am pretty sure that when the app is installed, it will ask for your permission to access your information.

  • I don’t see this affecting students, or anyone, at all. Facebook has had dumb apps before and this is just another one of them. I don’t see how a subjective app could cause students to lose grades in school.

  • I honestly believe that this is all in good fun. There are so many different types of applications like this I don’t think it’s any different than those. I think kids are going to spend however much time they want on Facebook and that won’t change. I think that this is a fun way to see how much you are on Facebook and how that compares to your friends but I don’t think that would become a competition.

  • I agree with you that facebook is popular in the world right now. But I think the facebook report card is not important, and it will affect middle school students because student will think about and spend more time on the facebook to increase their grade at the facebook report card.

  • I view Facebook report card as another game for students to play on Facebook. In my opinion, I do not think that this will affect middle or high school students. Students already spend too much time on Facebook as it is; I do not think that by adding a new game will make them want to spend more time on Facebook. Also, I do not like the idea of rating based off of how many friends a person have because it makes a student more willingly to accept strangers or request strangers to increase their friend list for a higher grade.

  • I think the Facebook Report Card is something that’s just amusing to the user — something entertaining. It doesn’t really affect anyone nor society. In my opinion, I kind of think this kind of app is useless trash because it doesn’t analyze anything important. There really is no data involved, but I can see other people such as myself viewing it for a little bit and being entertained.

    This report card just shows how much time people spend on facebook. The higher your grade is on facebook, the bigger loser you are.

  • I think it is a useless app but interesting to users. I feel i would want to use it just to know how i am doing, it isn’t anything important but something i would want to know. It doesn’t affect anybody but is there just to see how addicted to facebook one can be. Everyone always wants to be better than the rest so when one person sees that so and so got an A they want to know what they would get, just out of curiosity. It is a useless app and is there just for entertainment.

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