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Can I get your number? You can scan me!

Andrew Yu

How would you feel about having your personal bar code?

This isn’t the future, it is a new trend with QR Codes. These codes have been popping up everywhere in recent years- magazines, subway stops, and now even on people.

A QR (Quick Response) Code first started in the auto industry but now enjoys popularity around the world and across industries. QR Codes are unique because unlike the traditional bar code, QR’s can hold much more information due to its two dimensional design.

According to the New York Times article Want More Information? Just Scan ME by Stephanie Rosenbloom, QR codes are appearing everywhere. At exhibits companies are handing out cookies, mugs, and other consumer items with QR codes on them. Postcards are now starting to include these codes. They have even appeared on a runway model’s dress.

A new company, called Skanz, has begun selling bracelets with a personal QR code embedded in it. When scanned, this code brings up a personal web page with further information about the owner. Could this become the new business card? Or maybe a new sight in the club scene, people scanning each other rather than asking for numbers?

Most people, however, still do not use QR codes. The largest group (60.5%) of scanners are men with a household income of $100,000 or more. But with the rise of smartphone users there are bound to be many more users of QR codes.

What do you think about QR codes- are they practical or to difficult to use?

How would you feel about having a personal QR code on a bracelet or even a tattoo?

Are there any applications where QR codes would be most practical?

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18 Responses to Can I get your number? You can scan me!

  • I have never used the QR codes, but I see a huge potential for marketing and advertisements with this. Having a personal QR code tattooed seems to be extreme and something from the movies. Companies can possibly use QR codes to offer specials and deals if they are able to locate it or something, kind of like the specials on Groupon and LivingSocial.

  • I think that this is impractical. QR codes can only really take you to a website, which is impractical, since most phones can only have one or two tabs open at a time. Also, what if my battery dies throughout the night? I’m not entirely sure, but I think I’d lose that person’s information. Plus, if you put the code in a highly visible place, you subject yourself to anyone obtaining your information, which can be a bit unnerving. Finally, who knows how long QR codes are going to be around before they get replaced with something else. That all being said, it’s still a cool idea, and I admit that I scanned the picture.

  • Honestly i think that having QR on bracelet it kind of dangerous because what if you lost it. than people can use it to look up your personal information. I did not heard about QR code before this is my first time. So i don’t have much to say about this but it sound very expensive.

  • I don’t think QR codes really have a future. The time it takes to open up an app, scan the QR code, and wait for it to load can be replaced by just typing in the information. I’ve been waiting for QR codes to die out for a little while now and I’m starting to see them less and less.

  • I would not feel comfortable having a personal QR code or bracelet because I think that it would be too easy for people to gain information about you. Also, getting a tattoo is a little unnecessary. I think that QR codes would be most practical in advertising or real estate because people can scan the code and get all the information that they would need on the product or homes.

  • An idea like carrying around your personal information on a QR code is a little freaky to me. It doesn’t seem all that far from something like an identification chip being surgically implanted, or having retinal identification (like in minority report). The whole idea is just a little too much for me; I wouldn’t be on board with the project.

  • I think this would be perfect for a business card. I think its probably a little to risky and odd to be wearing all the time but for business purposes it makes sense. It would be an easy way to communicate information and network. I feel this could be the future of relaying information quickly, not just personal information exclusively.

  • I’ve never used a QR code before, but the idea of having one with my personal information on me is just unnerving. I like having the ability to give out my phone number or actually have the personal interaction of introducing myself to someone else. If the QR code was on a bracelet and lost, a complete stranger would have to much information about me than I would be comfortable with.

  • Personally, I think this is a very interesting idea. It may lead to having your personal information stolen more easily, but I think with time it will be refined. There is a lot of potential here and I think this could be the start of something big.

  • So I’m sure all of you have seen this… but the first half of the title post reminded me of it and I thought I would share:

  • I think the only benefit to getting a QR code tattoo would be in identifying your body if something were to happen to you. It seems impractical otherwise. Bracelets seem a little much too, I would be too afraid of getting my personal information stolen.. However, I broadcast my Twitter and Facebook everywhere, so I’m not sure how different that would be. But I think having QR codes on business cards or resumes is a great idea, it shows you are technologically savvy and you don’t have to worry about typos or miscommunications.

  • I think QR are codes are the next new thing. They are very easy to use and a practical way of learning about a new product or service. Since smart phones are starting to becoming relatively inexpensive, everyone will eventually have one. Having a QR code on a product or service can let people learn more, use, or order that product or service right after scanning the code. I think having a personal QR code on bracelet is a good idea when it comes to emergencies. If someone has a medical issue and passes out at work, the medics can scan the code and know whatever their medical history, problems, and personal information are.

  • I like QR codes but I would never get it tatoo’ed or on a bracelet. On the back of a business card or computer only. I do like that it uploads all the information I’m too lazy to input myself. Such as: job title, email address, additional numbers.

  • When I had a Blackberry I would use QR codes to add friends to my BBM. It is pretty cool and easy but I don’t know about having that tattooed on my body. I think it would be cool if people had QR codes on the back of business cards. I think that would be a great way to pass on your information to potential clients.

  • I one hundred percent don’t like that idea. I sound like someone want to know everything about everyone. When I think about such tattoo I suddenly think about movies where population is controlled by government. In terms of bracelet I was wonder what happen if you lose it. Could information about you easily access by third party.

  • I have never used QR codes. I am starting to notice them more often but I do not think that QR codes will become very popular. I would not want to wear a bracelet that contains my personal information. It would not be safe to carry around personal information on your wrist. Anything could happen to your bracelet such as being lost or stolen.

  • I don’t think this idea is practical. It seems like a really cool idea in theory, but once implemented, I think it will be a fail. I don’t see anyone carrying his/her own QR code bracelet and QR code scanner on his/her persons at all times. In fact, it would be quite awkward if you met someone and you asked, “oh, let me scan you real quick”. That’s pretty weird.

    It seems like a great concept and if this was implemented to do other things than just view your personal info I think it could really take off.. but for now, it seems like just merely a concept idea.

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