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What is the hype about this new iPhone 5?

So what is all the buzz about? Haven’t you heard about the iPhone 5 release?

On Tuesday, October 4th at Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino, California, Apple will be making the big announcement on the new iPhone 5 release date. Pretty much the same information has been circulating through articles and blogs. In case you have not had a chance to follow the new iPhone news, there are rumors that there could be two iPhone’s released, one being the iPhone 4s and the iPhone 5. Presumbly, the iPhone 4s would be sold at a lower cost. There has been speculation about what we can expect from the upgrade.

New Features

  • Possibly a larger screen
  • New design
  • iOS 5– over 200 new features
  • Newer Apps
  • Faster Performance
  • A better quality camera


Also, there are speculations that Sprint may be offering the iPhone with an unlimited data plan, leaving them the only carrier to offer that package. Android still holds a larger market share than Apple. According to Nielsen Co. Android accounts for 43% of the U.S. market for smart phones operating systems, while Apple has 28%. 

In today’s society we want instant gratification; we love to stay updated with the latest and coolest technologies. I am going to be honest if Sprint jumps on the bandwagon, I will be getting the new iPhone depending on the new features and so forth!

My questions to you are:

  1. Do you think that this new iPhone will be much different than the previous one’s?
  2. Do you currently own an Android? If yes, are you going to switch to the new iPhone if your contract is almost over
  3. How do you feel about Apple introducing a new iPhone every year opposed to Android every now and then?
Image Credit: 1. Will There Be An iPhone 5? Author: Stuart Clayton 2. Apple  

23 Responses to What is the hype about this new iPhone 5?

  • It is hard to say whether the IPhone 5 will be different from the others because Apple makes the release date and features of the phone a huge secret simply to build up anticipation. That way, when it comes out, people will get simply get the phone because its the thing to do, not because they heard such great things about it. I have an Android phone and I love it and don’t think I would switch to the IPhone simply because it is an “IPhone.” I think it’s smart for Apple to come out with a phone every year though. It builds up anticipation which equals more interested people.

  • I think the new iPhone will very similar to iPhone 4, with many of the same features as the previous phones. I don’t own neither android or an iPhone, but if i was to get one i would want to get an Android. An Android has so many styles and so many phones to choose from and it gives you more options. Though iPhone is quite popular i feel like you need to be an apple person. Well Android also comes out with new phones because it has to keep up with Apple, i feel like it is necessary for these phones to come out annually because technology is growing and these phones need to keep up.

  • It’s just the fact that it’s a new item. Everyone buys the new Call of Duty or the new Madden year in and year out and a phone isn’t any different. It’s simply a matter of if you like Apple and the products they produce or if you like Android or Blackberry. Personally, I would buy the iPhone before the Android. I prefer my Blackberry to anything because I hate the touch screen, but after playing around with both phones, the iPhone seems easier to use. I agree with Melissa as well. Coming out with a new phone keeps you relevant every year and you will always have people willing to buy your phone.

  • I wish I new more about it. I am due for an upgrade on my phone in the coming month, and I’m not sure which direction I will go. For the last couple years I’ve been using the original Droid phone, with little to complain about. I’ve been thinking more about the iPhone lately though, so hopefully the new announcement and following news releases will offer some help.

  • Well, When some people are dying waiting for the new iPhone 5 to launch out today, Apple turned down its fans, because it is not iPhone 5, it is just iPhone 4s. I have been using Iphone for about two years, from Iphone 3GS to iPhone 4. I think that’s too fast for Apple to introduce a new generation once a year. My old iPhone 4 is still going well, I won’t consider a new generation. In addition, they said there is not too much differences between the 4 and 4s.

    • I agree with you Yiran, I think that Apple introduces their phones too quickly. Some people may just buy that phone and have it for maybe 2 months and next thing you know they are introducing a new phone.

  • I think that Siri will be the coolest thing never used. With my Android, I have an extensive voice control system. However, I never use it. It just seems unnecessary to me. In my opinion, it is easier and more accurate to do it by touch or button.

    • I agree, it is annoying when sometimes the program does not recognize what you are saying, so I would rather type it in rather than talk.

  • I don’t think that the new Iphone will be that much different. It will still have pretty much the same interface, but with a few extra features and upgrades to the camera, screen, and processor.
    I do not own an android, but I think that I would rather have one over the new Iphone. However, the contract that Sprint is offering sounds very good compared to other companies, but Sprint does not have good reception everywhere that you go.
    I like the fact that Apple introduces a new phone every year because when you get a phone, some people want the most up to date phone and what is best. With the Iphone, you know that you will have the best for at least a year, while with Android. New and better things keep coming making you want to keep upgrading.

  • I feel like all iPhones are the same in its function, layout, and relative look. But this could also be a good thing because some people are well adjusted to how Apple products work and will remain loyal to them. I currently own an Android and I love it! All the apps that I want are free and has super fast 4g. I wouldn’t trade it for an iPhone yet, but I could see myself owning one in the future maybe.

  • As of today Apple has already released the iPhone 4s. It isn’t a totally redesigned phone but does have some upgrade, most notably camera and processor. I think most people were expecting a completely new design, the new model may be a let down.

    I have owned both Android phones and iPhones (I go through a lot of phones). They both have unique advantages. iPhones are very fluid, powerful, and well designed. They allow people with little tech knowledge to have a great smartphone that is easy to use. Androids are extremely customizable. They allow different homescreens showing calendars, sports scores, etc. I actually prefer Androids but just bought an iPhone 3gs because it is powerful for the price.

    Realistically they are probably updated at the same rate. With Android you are talking about the operating software. Apple updates its software fairly often, as does Android. They both fix bugs and do minor upgrades. Phone manufacturers are constantly releasing new phones compatible with the Android software while new iPhone models are rare. So overall this is a hard comparison to make.

  • Since the 4S was released today, I am impressed with their new Siri application. Even though I dont think people will use it as much as Apple thinks, it is a great new application to differentiate Apple from its competitors. I currently own an Android and I love it. I dont think I would switch to the iPhone after my contract expires just because I like how the Android interface works. I dont really have an opinion on a new iPhone being released every year. I think its exciting to see what Apple is going to come up with next but it does not make me want to buy an iPhone.

  • As we all know now, the announcement wasn’t for the Iphone 5, although that may have made hardcore Apple junkies angry I’m sure this new version of the Iphone 4 will sell just as well, especially with the inclusion of Sprint. I have found that people that buy Iphones, are going to no matter what and will defend it to the end. I have an Android and like it just fine and it does what I need it to do.

  • I’m an Android user and I will not be switching to the Iphone. There is nothing that the Iphone offers that I cant get on my Evo.. Plus, I heard the phone isnt really great as a phone.

    I think its fine that they introduce a new phone every year. As long as they have people that have to have every new Apple product, I dont see why they wouldnt.

  • I think that it is interesting that after all the hype about the iPhone 5 .. another iPhone 4 came out! I wonder if this means that Apple is struggling?

    • I think a lot of the iPhones have all the same functions, but with each one they just faster and add a few more features. I don’t think apple is struggling because I read an article that they are trying to compete with the Android market and in doing so they want to keep releasing more phones and selling the older models at lower costs. This will be beneficial so people that can’t afford the newest iPhone will maybe be able to afford one now. Or who knows maybe they want to keep the users in anticipation for the iPhone5. Do you guys think this is a good strategy to compete since the Android market has a variety of prices?

      • Yes Lisa, I think that’s exactly what Apple is doing. Android currently hold the largest market share and in order to remain competitive this is part of Apple’s Strategy, offering lower cost phones. This is a good strategy for Apple.

  • I currently own a Samsung Galaxy S with Android 2.2. I am unsure as to whether I will get the iPhone 5 or the Galxy S II when my contract expires.

  • Looks like Apple lead us all through a nice little hype cycle and then broke the news that the Iphone5 has no release date. I expect it to be released next year based on the fact that they usually drop one new Iphone annually.

    Talking to a few people from Apple and AT&T, the 4S seems to be rather capable of holding off the unhappy customers until next year. Personally, I plan to invest in the 4S myself and wait 2 years from that point for the next upgrade.

    All in all, it is sad to see there will be no Iphone 5 but even worse to see that Apple has lost their greatest asset, Steve Jobs.

  • I currently own an android phone, and in my opinion, droids change more every time they release a new version. I feel as though Apple’s products are consisttently good, but change very little with each new phone that comes out. I will not be buying an iPhone to replace my droid.

  • The new Iphone5 was similar to the Iphone4, and of course, there were a lot of people unhappy. However, there was still a good sales for Apple since the new Iphone came out and mostly all sold out. That was a good news. I am a big fan of Iphone not Android phone because I like all the apps and offers that Apple has, that makes my life much easier. I will keep using my Iphone until there is something new innovation can replace it.

  • I didn’t use the iphone before, but I think there is no different between the Iphone 4 and Iphone 5. They have the same uses, like music, internet, camera………………

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