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Another Occupy Post!

Are you Homeless? A high school drop out? A know it all college hippie? Or just a person who generally is a failure at life? Well come visit your peers at Occupy Philly. They need your support! (bring soap + food cause they don’t have any)

I took this picture walking to my CC class












Okay before you go ahead and freak out just know I am joking.  But I also think Occupy (anything) is a joke.  To me it’s just a bunch of people whining about how they have no money and blame capitalism. These people don’t want to work for their money.  They want to TAKE money from people that have it and give it to themselves.  Socialism and redistribution of wealth inhibits individualism, desire and ambition and instead rewards laziness.  The free market has provided more wealth and spurred more innovation than any other system in history.  Its ironic that people use their iPhones, Facebook and Twitter to complain about capitalism yet those innovations would never have been created if it was not for the free market and capitalism.

I come from a low middle class family and could not afford college on my own.  Instead of crying about it I enlisted in the Army strait out of high school.  Everything I have I earned, and  I enjoy the idea of being able to keep the money I am going to make after I graduate.  I don’t want government hand outs or any special treatment.

I’m no expert and I don’t claim to have all the answers, its just the way I feel.  I don’t enjoy talking about politics but I felt it necessary to defend capitalism because it is rarely defended on college campuses.

Your thoughts?

5 Responses to Another Occupy Post!

  • First of all i like you discussion topic. Last time i saw a young guy very husky and he stand there to beg . I was really surprise why he not going to work to make money i think he just around 30-33 years old. Furthermore, i know some people take advantage of government money such as welfare by submit fraud information of figure out a way to get the money. However, i do believe that there are people really need help.

  • I have to say when I first heard about Occupy I thought the exact same thing. I do not blame the 1%, I actually applaud them for working hard to get where they are and to be able to earn what they do. I do not think they “need” to share their wealth, they earned it so they should do what they please with it. The economy is still being hit hard and well paying jobs are becoming scarce, but I think a big issue is that a lot of people’s prides are too big to accept lower positions at this time. Like Alex said, I see these young people who are begging when they are healthy enough to be working at some sort of job. That being said there are obvious issues with the government and how it is handling spending. As well there are certain people in that 1% who are grossly being overpaid for what they do and some sort of regulation should be put in place to cut back over compensation and use that to instead open more job positions.

  • I’m not a fan of the movement and it’s not because I find the people camping out to be annoying. Overall, I think their message has been heard, but it’s not a good one. Essentially, their asking for money to be redistributed from the CEO’s and high level execs to be given to them. The CEOs and these execs go their money because they worked for it. For the ones who didn’t start the company, they were given the reins because of their hard work. If the CEO did start the company, they are more than entitled to the money they gain. The people the occupyers want to take money from are ones who have earned it. Granted, some do not, but that is capitalism. There is a flaw in every system and I think the Occupyers have identified one in capitalism. But, I still like the way this system works.

  • Like everyone else said, I have not been a fan with the whole Occupy movement and do not understand their whole cause. However, there are some aspects of it that I do believe in, especially the tax percentage bracket. I’m not asking for handouts and believe that no one should ever beg, but the whole 1% cap is bs, as stated in the previous post.

  • I do not think I can or should judge their position because I was never homeless, neither can I understand their pain. Although some people are lazy, there are other people who really needs help. Especially, if we look outside of the Untied States, we can easily see the people who are in so much need that they do not even have time for an event like occupying something.

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