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Which Music Store Deserves Your Money?


If you’ve followed along with us so far or you’ve skipped to the end to see which service you should buy your music from, the answer is—as always—that it depends on what kind of music lover you are:

  • Google Music is best for people who would say “I need access to the music I already own everywhere I go,” or “I’m a huge indie music fan,” and people who are onboard and comfortably seated on the Android train.


  • Amazon MP3 is best for bargain hunters who don’t want to buy elsewhere before checking for a better deal and want the best possible deal. It’s also best for people who still aren’t sure about this whole Google Music thing and have Android devices. Plus, if you don’t trust Google and can’t stand Apple, well, here you are.


  • iTunes is best for people wrapped up in Apple’s cozy blanket of walled-off products and services. Getting in from the outside with another service is a herculean feat, one that’s really not worth it if you have all the music you want to buy in iTunes at good prices and you own an iOS device. You may want to check Amazon for better prices now and again, and then import the songs to iTunes.



Which of these music stores are/would be the match for you?

From the first question, is that the store you currently use to get your music?


13 Responses to Which Music Store Deserves Your Money?

  • I dont buy digital music. I still like having the physical disc and reading the book and what not… Out of the three, I would use Amazon because I get points for all purchases on there for discounts on future purchases. I didnt know Google had a music service.

  • I use to purchase iTunes because when i having a iPod i use iTunes alot so i just purchase it on iTunes but now i am not purchase any music because i think i can found it for free online now. Well most of it.

  • I use iTunes, but I typically don’t even buy too much music. Most of the songs I have on my ipod i listen to because their songs that to me, never get old. For the newer stuff, I use youtube, spotify, or grooveshark and listen to the newer music that way.

  • I use iTunes since I use an iPod Touch and Shuffle to mainly listen to my music. Right now I would stick with iTunes because it would be too much of a hassle to upload new songs to iTunes to put on my iPods and to another music service like Google Music. However I am thinking of switching to an Android for my next phone and may use Google Music to make listening to music on the Android easier.

  • I use iTunes when it is music that I want or feel is necessary to listen to on my iPod. I use iTunes, because I have always used iTunes and I have yet to explore other ways of purchasing music. This is because although I use iTunes I do not use it frequently enough to have the need to explore other options. However, when I listen to music I am usually at my computer, and therefore I use Spotify much more then any other music engine.

  • I use iTunes, but I didin’t buy music from the store, I just dowloan the free music and put it on my ipod.

  • I use iTunes, but I’ve never bought any music off of it. I just download the songs I want. I think the music stores are geared toward the older generation who don’t want to figure out how to download music and can get a better deal with a digital download than with purchasing a cd.

  • I use iTunes mainly because it is easy to transfer songs that are on my laptop to Itunes. Also, I have never bought music off of any of these stores, I like to download the albums and songs using torrents. Overall, I like iTunes the best because they just updated with the addition of iCloud.

  • I use itunes, but I don’t usually purchase music from there. I get it elsewhere and transfer it over. This makes it easier for me when I want to transfer the music to my ipod or iphone. I also sometimes listen to pandora, which was not named above.

  • I use iTunes on my computer but I rarely buy it from there. I use Google Music for my Android. A lot of my music comes from elsewhere.

  • I use iTunes so I buy iTunes specific songs. I like doing this because usually there are deals on iTunes gift cards so I can purchase a $50 gift card for only like $30. Then I’m able to get more songs for less. iTunes just makes everything convenient because my library is already there.

  • I also don’t use any of these services. I find “other” methods to get music. I actually use the Zune player, even though my Zune was stolen years ago (The layout is much better than iTunes).

  • I would still go for iTunes because of having Apple products. However, for the accecibilty, I would prefer to by Google music as well.

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