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New Trends of “Social TV”

Despite original thoughts that social media would have an eroding effect upon the television viewing audience, it seems now that people are watching more TV than ever, and it could be in large because of social media. People connected through social media are talking through Twitter and Facebook while watching shows, with their reactions in real-time. Because of this discussion it is thought that the viewers are often more engaged in the plots of the shows they watch. In the article Social Media in Sports and Entertainment: Three Mega Trends in 2012, Beverly Macy makes the point that the reception something on TV gets within social media networks could make or break its chances for success. She refers to this affect as the invisible hand.


So what do you think about social media’s influence on TV, is it really driving up TV viewership by making TV shows more engaging?

And, if so, do you think that a shows reception on something like facebook or twitter could make or break it?




12 Responses to New Trends of “Social TV”

  • I think it does drive up TV viewership. I tend to tune into shows when I see everybody on my timeline talking about them. Because I dont watch much tv, twitter puts me on to new shows… I dont think that a show’s reception on social sites will make or break it.. I only see talk on the mtv/vh1 reality shows and sports. Dramas and shows targeted toward specific audiences arent affected in my opinion.

  • I think social media, in some way drive the TV program traffic. For example, people like to share the reflection of a TV show or program on social media site. It is a way of free advertising for the TV show, and attract more people to watch the show. Why people love to sharing these information on their social media? Because they want more attention from others and want to increase their popularity. So more and more people discuss the TV program on social media, it make a success of the TV shows and programs.

  • I think social media drives up viewership. I think it is more visible for online streaming programs. I’ve seen many online streaming programs that incorporate twitter messages in the site so that viewers are able to express their opinions and ask questions live. Victoria Secret just did it through CBS for it’s 2011 fashion show last night and E!Online did it for the Royal Wedding. I’ve taken part in informal live chatrooms for different shows and find it enjoyable to be able to read the reactions of people watching the same program. It also creates a sense of community and makes people more readily to watch again and take part. I think it will be interesting if the social media components were incorporated for the TV broadcast on the television.

  • I definitely agree with the article, social media does drive up TV viewership. Every time a new TV show or a poplar show come on, I notice so many FaceBook status updates and Twitter updates. There have been times where I never even heard about a show and when I see that is a trending topic, it makes me curious to see what’s so popular about that particular show. Also, I agree with Yiran by us promoting these TV shows/ programs, they do benefits from us tremendously.

  • I think it does increase tv viewing. From my experience, I seem to get a large amount of news feed traffic directly before the airing of a new episode of some show, and then my friends continue to discuss it in their statuses.

  • Social media does drive up tv viewership I believe. If there is a new show on I will see it all over facebook and twitter. Although I think it is annoying when 50 people post about something that happens on a live show, it could bring more people to watch that program.

  • I think that social TV is an innovative idea, but I don’t see it becoming the next big thing. I think that social media is used in so many outlets that TV is bound to become one of these outlets and therefore, it will make an impact.

  • I agree with Mark its annoying when people are posting live about shows. There should be a filter where you can block posts with keywords so you don’t get spoiled.

  • I don’t think that social media can make or break a show, but it does help new shows become popular because if a show is good then people will tweet about it or write statuses about what they are watching which can possibly create interest in others.

  • This is really cool idea; personally I don’t really watch TV at all. Social media can definitely influence TV viewership. Social media is all about engaging people so it really can drive up viewing. Majority of people are addicted to Facebook and Twitter so it is great idea. The other thing is that, people like to share what they think about everything and sharing about some TV show could drive up the popularity of the show since there is nothing more powerful than power of mouth.

  • I think social media could certainly help promote a TV show. I follow a lot of my favorite shows on Twitter and they are usually very active in talking to fans and retweeting what you say about them. It’s a great way to gain awareness.

  • I agree with Tom that social media can help in promoting a new show on TV.

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