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Interview: Julia Driggers at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

I took the opportunity to interview a friend of mine, Julia Driggers who is a Registered Dietician at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.  CHOP is recognized as one of the best if not THE best children’s hospital in the whole country.  In addition to her everyday duties as an RD, Julia assists maintaining the Facebook page for the hospital.  I thought this was a unique opportunity to learn something new because in class we regularly discussed and studied how social media aligns businesses and consumers, and while CHOP is not thought of as a typical business compared to what we looked at in class and readings, social media clearly has its place as a forum for communication between patients parents and the staff.  Our conversation is posted below.

Could you please describe briefly what you do?  What social media do you use (Facebook, Twitter?) and what is your role in using these social media tools?

Assistant to Social Media Dietitian at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. The Hospital has its own Facebook page. Once a month a “Nutrition Video” is aired which covers a variety of childhood nutrition topics from healthy snacks to vegetarian kids. I assit in creating the topics and the taping/staging of the video.

How did you get involved with being on the administration team for social media at your workplace?  Did you feel qualified?  Is it something you enjoy?

By applying internally through the clinical nutrition department at CHOP. As a Registered Dietitian (RD), I am qualified to provide legal nutrition advice. I also have attended Social Media teaching sessions specifically for the health care provider. I have a special interest in Vegetarian Nutrition and am a published RD in that particular field. I enjoy educating the public on nutrition facts, very much.

What is the purpose of having social media at CHOP?

To be a central public ‘face’ for our employees and patients/patients families. As well as communicate with our community and provide services.

Do you feel the hospital benefits from your effort? Is a social media page for a hospital really necessary?

Yes, one of the hospitals goal for our social website is to provide health education to our community. Our nutrition videos provide helpful tips on eating healthy and therefore supports the hospitals mission. The social website has been beneficial for the hospital. it creates a network for employees and families and is our  “public face” to the world.

I see on your page a few people that have complimented the hospitals effort – has there ever been complaints?

There have been complaints and they are taken very seriously. If a valid complaint is posted we do our best to comment with what measures are being taken to ensure similar problems will not happen again. We attempt to be 100% ‘see-through’ when it comes to patient safety.

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