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Interview: Lou Cimaglia

This interview was done with Lou Cimaglia, who works in the public relations department of Grow Socially.

How did you get involved with social media?

I got involved through social media by meeting John Foley, the CEO of InterlinkONE and Grow Socially. He’s a great guy, and wanted to bring Tom and myself on board as interns back in 2010. We work at Grow Socially now.

Where do you work and what type of social media company is it?

Grow Socially helps businesses with all of their social media marketing efforts.

What does your job at the company entail? Any special projects?

I do a lot of public relations work for the company, as well as a lot of blogging. I research industry trends and some of the interesting things happening in the field and write about them, then I engage on social media to help drive traffic back to the company website.

What do you feel will be the biggest trend in social media in the near future (1-2 years)? Long-term (3-5 years)?

In the next few years, I am expecting mobile to become a massive industry. It really already is, so this prediction isn’t much of a stretch. But the amount of our lives that we will be pouring into our smartphones will only increase. Mobile commerce, social networking and more are already pretty prevalent. But the amount of people with smartphones is increasing, and that number figures to keep climbing.

Do you expect to continue to work in the social media marketplace in the future?

I hope to stay in the social media field for a little while. It is a nice crossroads of traditional marketing and new media, as well as some public relations, which is what I am majoring in.

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