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Scientists Confirm Existence of Earh Like Planet

NASA’s Kepler spacecraft has discovered a far off planet that orbits its sun at just the right distance to support life.  They are calling the planet Kepler-22b and it is 2.4 times bigger then earth and located about 600 light years away.  Kepler-22b is warm, with an average surface temperature of 72 degrees, plenty warm enough for liquid water to exist.

Kepler was launched in March 2009 and in just 16 months the spacecraft has discovered 2,326 potential planets.  It discovers planets by looking for small changes in a star’s brightness… That indicates a planet is transiting the star from the spacecrafts vantage point.  Of the potential planets found 700 are larger than earth, while 207 are about the same size.

10 Responses to Scientists Confirm Existence of Earh Like Planet

  • I’ve always been very interested in the discovery and study of other planets, and think its awesome they are beginning to find planets with comparable conditions to earths. The odds would point to their being some form of life on one of the like planets, whether intelligent or not. Their could be a race far superior to ours, or ours could be the most advanced in the universe. Just the possibility of there being other life “out there” is fascinating. Tomorrow could be the day we discover were not alone.

  • It is fascinating how large the world truly is. To think of how big our galaxy is, and to know there are many galaxies out there, it comes to no surprise that there would be a planet with Earth like conditions out there.

  • I’ve always been one to wonder if we actually aren’t alone. I knew someday we’d find the potential that there is somewhere where at least life may exist. To see that this day has come is amazing.

  • I think this discovery is very exciting, the next step will be to find out if the planet can support life. This of course brings up the question of if we’re alone or not in the universe. That fact that this planet has been identified in our lifetime is a very exciting feat to say the least!

  • to be honest i did not know much about science but i really like to read more about this kind of stuff. I was very surprise of how big of the earth

  • This is intersting. But I really don’t know much about science.

  • Technology increases dramatically and human takes advantage of its to discover the new things. This is very interesting since there is another planet that exists at the same time with us. NASA has always been doing a good job on discovering the new things such as walking on the moon. I am always amazed on what could happening around the Earth especially in the future.

  • If it wasn’t for physics I would definitely be into astronomy. I like learning about space especially life beyond our planet. To be able to find another planet similar to Earth is exciting. Now if only there is enough technology to travel back and forth to Kepler-22b. Granite, 600 light years away is kind of drastic…oh well.

  • Announcements like this are always exciting and very interesting because of what science can take away from new planet. Even the thought that this planet has the right conditions to support life is very compelling and I’m sure will lead to more discoveries.

  • I agree with you all that it is quite interesting. However, I have to say that I am not surprised at all. Because our Sun is a midsize star, and there are trillions (who knows how many are there) of stars like our Sun or even smaller or bigger sized stars. In addition, there are trillions or even more galaxies are out there. So, it’s not surprising that if there are other planets like ours. What I want I am interested in is that when I can take a trip to one of those? Just kidding. I do not want to go to other planets when I know that I have lot to take care on this planet called the Earth.

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