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Interview: Ish Fuseini – Hydros Bottle

For my interview I spoke with my friend Ish Fuseini, a Temple Grad who works for Hydros Bottle. Hydros Bottle produces an environmentally conscious reusable water bottle with a built in filter. They strive to make an impact on the global water crisis, donating a share from each purchase to fund sustainable water infrastructure projects in impoverished areas.

 1. What is your position with and can you give a brief description of your general duties?

  • I am the Marketing Associate at Hydros Bottle . I help increase traffic of our online website, support retailers with sales, perform customer service duties, attend events and functions to help spread the brand and help engage and support our community with content.

2. How and why did you get involved with social media?

  • I’ve been involved with social media since I started my own music blog, which is not on hiatus. I used social media to contact DJs and Artists to help promote their music. It was a great way to connect with the people I aimed my blog for and I was able to keep tabs on what they wanted so I could provide them with quality music.

3. What social media tools do you use, and how do you utilize them?

  • My bread and butter tools would be Hootsuite and Crowdbooster. With hootsuite, I have set up search streams on my competition. I always know what they’re up to with promotions and see how they are engaging their customers. A great way for me to find new fans is to address my competitor’s customers that they have forgotten about. I also have other search streams that focus on content that’s related to water, water crisis and anything to do with the environment. I also have a search stream on our brand name to see if anyone is having problems with our product so I can properly address them. With Crowdbooster, It helps me optimize the perfect time range to release new content. By gaining the most impressions, I have a higher chance of reaching most of our community. This usually works by posting 1-3x a day on facebook and 5-7x a day on twitter.

4. Have you noticed any trends that have formed or are forming during your time working with social media? Do you think social media’s use in business is growing?

  • There is alot of talk on measuring ROI of social media. I feel like it’s very hard to quantify (if it’s even possible). I see social media as an expense (as is all of marketing).  More and more companies are just throwing money at social media without properly implementing as a support channel and kind of use social media as a magic bullet. Social media’s use in business will continue to grow with the use of location-based services and marketing automation.

5. What tips do you have for someone looking to enter the field of utilizing social media for business? Are there any lessons you have learned that you wish you knew from the start?

  • A great way to enter the field is to jump in head first. Start something you’re passionate about or help your favorite local small business. I wish I knew more HTML and CSS, I feel a lot of my time is wasted waiting on coding or for a landing page to be developed. Study your metrics, make sure you know how to measure your success and the biggest lesson I wish I learned was fail fast. Sounds ridiculous but the faster you fail, the faster you succeed. If you learn what doesn’t work quickly, you can scrap it and avoid wasting time and resources.
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