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MOG Player Review

MOG is an online music blog network. It automatically creates a play queue. It shares your music with your friends as you listen to it. The songs instantly pop up in your Facebook newsfeed. Also, you can choose to share the songs via Twitter.

Screenshot of Playlist from MOG

To continue getting free music through this service, you must “favorite” songs or add them to particular playlists for others to see. Also, MOG offers a subscription based service which allows a per month fee. It includes unlimited listening and syncing of playlists to your mobile device.

Cost: $10 per month for mobile

Cost: $5 per month for unlimited listening

I have been using MOG for quite some time. Overall, I like the service but it does seem to have a few flaws, atleast for the free version. Numerous times, I’ve run out of my free music, and have resorted to inviting people to join MOG just so I could listen to music. I also found it to be a hassle constantly favoriting and adding songs to playlists. Some new songs also require a subscription to listen to. Lastly, I found it creepy that my roommates knew what song I was about to listen to simply by “creeping” on my Facebook.

Does anyone use MOG or a similar service and do you find it useful?

One Response to MOG Player Review

  • i did use this kind of service before but my friend did and he told me it very useful and interesting. you can get the any kind of music.

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