Even Barbie has Tattoos

As a young girl I grew up with Barbie dolls.  Now almost all of them are either in some box in my parent’s basement or were given away to younger cousins.  But Barbie has now moved into the modern times, and Mattel has introduced a new collector Barbie that is covered in tattoos.

This Barbie sells for $50, so this pricy Barbie isn’t exactly for play.  Collectors want this doll, and since its release and up to this day, this Barbie is sold out .  Tattoo Barbie is actually named Tokidoki Barbie.  She sports a short pink bob, black shirt with a heart and cross bones, cheetah leggings and a dog.  But the most distinctive aspect of this doll is the fact that she has tattoos everywhere, including her arms, chest and back.

While this Barbie is meant to be sold as a collector’s item, it is drawing some huge criticism from parents, Christian groups, etc.  Some parents have said that Barbie is a role model, and they do not want their children to grow up and aspire to have tattoos.  While some people defend this Barbie, stating that tattoo artists’ children can now have a Barbie that is more fit in their lifestyle, most people are against this Barbie.















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