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Statistics have seen over and over again of the risks associated with riding a motorcycle.  In fact, in 2009, over 29% of motorcycle accidents were fatal and involved riders in the ages of 30-39—a shocking percentage and depressing reality for friends and families who’ve lost someone close.


For the next series of the blog, we will be exploring the various motorcycling attire to properly protect ourselves while out on the road.  Going off of a sport bike background, the information I’m providing may be more geared towards the sports and touring bikes, and less of the cruiser style motorcycles.  But regardless, it will be beneficial for you to read on to learn more ways of protecting yourselves.



Gear may be expensive, but it beats medical bills and skin graphs!




I don’t know why I’m even writing about this … you better be wearing one or don’t even think about hopping on a bike.  Although many states do not require riders to wear a helmet, it is highly recommended to do so because most high/low side accidents causes the riders to slam their helmets into the pavement—ouch!

Be sure to pick up a Snell and DOT approved helmet, and also be sure to check the manufacturing date of it before purchasing.  It is said to have the helmet needs to be replaced every 5 years to insure that the memory foam and Kevlar are all working properly and not rotting away.  If you accidently drop your helmet off your bike or whatever, be sure to replace it as well because it most likely caused some stress on the foam and I’m sure you don’t want your helmet to not work properly when you really need it to.  I recommend you buy a full-face helmet.  Not a 3/4 or just one of those cap things.  Be safe and protect yourself!

If you’ve never bought a helmet before, be sure to stop by your local motorcycle shop and ask for assistance.  They will provide helpful feedback on your helmet and help you pick out the one that you’ve been looking for.  You may even grab the model and check online to find one for cheaper. J


P.S. I do NOT recommend you buy a used helmet whatsoever.  You just don’t know what the previous owner did to it and it’s true condition.


Here are some sites you can check out for cheaper priced helmets:


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