My First Spill! :(

I got some bad news, followers! :[

Last week I accidently dropped my motorcycle and was added to the statistics of the 1st year drop rate (~80% overall).  Fortunately, I was not hurt and there was no oncoming traffic.


Here’s how it happened:

The street that I live on has a trolley track that runs down both lanes of the road.  Usually, making a turn over those tracks is slippery and I can feel my rear kick out, but I feel like I’m always in control of the bike.  I have always thought one day I might fall while going over these tracks when it’s wet and to my luck, that night was raining.


I took the turn extremely slow and managed to get the front half over without an issue.  While trying to complete the turn, the rear got caught, spun out, and tossed me off the bike into oncoming traffic.


Although with a bruised ego, at this point, I managed to turn off the engine as fast as possible and picked up my bike.  To my surprise it wasn’t as heavy as I thought it would be.


Now, I’m stuck with a cracked fairing and bent shift pedal.  Luckily, the 250r is relatively inexpensive to fix with the total cost to probably be about $30 for a new shifter and around 300 for a new left side fairing.



Lesson learned: Find a new alternative route to travel when it’s wet or raining.


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