2011 ZX-10R Review

The ZX-10R also has three Power Modes: Full power, Variable middle power, and Low power.

Photo Credit; http://image.sportrider.com/f/featured-sport-bikes/2011-kawasaki-zx-10r-review-first-impression-new-generation-ninja/31467022/2011-kawasaki-zx-10r-ninja.jpg

The reviews for the the 2011 Kawasaki ZX-10R on this guy’s blog site is certainly impressive.  The author gives a full review for all the different aspects of the bike.  If any of my reader was ever interested in stepping up to the Liter super sport bikes, then I recommend you check out more information on the link below.
Read more: http://blogs.sportrider.com/6706132/featured-sport-bikes/2011-kawasaki-zx-10r-review-first-impression-new-generation-ninja/index.html#ixzz1fgUrYsJP


I don’t know why, but I love watching these motorcycle crashes on youtube.  It gives me some reassurance that I won’t crash because most of the crashes are due to reckless riding..or cagers o.O


One of my fears when riding around forested areas is hitting a dear..  This guy has some crazy luck to not be thrown off during impact.

I Hate Cagers with a Passion

Cheats Death


Pure Awesome

Not motorcycle related, but an amazing video nonetheless.


Has anyone ever used this app?  It’s only $10 and seems to be useful if you’re trying to get your track time lower.

Photo Credit: http://trackmaster.trackaroo.com/welcome

Trackmaster provides the following features:

  • Record the following track data: position, speed, acceleration, altitude, bearing, absolute time, split times, elapsed times, and lap times.
  • Record your track data using multiple trigger modes: immediate, by movement, delayed, or by first split marker.
  • Record video with automatic upload toMyTrackmaster.com
  • View your lap times and split times with graphical analysis on your phone.
  • Calculates your best theoretical lap time and best rolling lap time.
  • Replay your track data instantly on your phone.
  • Share your track data via email, web posting, or Twitter.
  • Sync your data to the cloud. Back up your data and sync to multiple devices. Manage your track data, analyze your data, and search for data atMyTrackmaster.com.
  • Send your data to Google Earth for desktop replay, analysis, and editing.
  • Send your data as a spreadsheet for analysis in MS Excel or Open Office.
  • Enable speech to have your speed and times spoken to you while you’re racing. This works great for motorcycle racers using a stereo bluetooth headset.
  • Provide real-time lap times and speed to your fans via Facebook and Twitter.
  • Use Live View to provide real-time track data and position to your fans.
  • Race with your friends using the Race Group feature. Get real-time position updates (1st, 2nd, etc) on your phone and see your friends’ track position onLive View.
  • Launch Street View to see a panoramic view of your race line and the track.
  • Supports metric and English units.
  • Supports external bluetooth GPS receivers (via add-on) for faster update rates.
  • Download custom layouts or create your own.
  • Overlay your laps to compare your race line.
  • Record your setup for car, motorcycle, and karts.
  • Export video data for video overlays.
  • Works great for autocross, hillclimbs, road rally, and track days!
  • Click the User Guide or Google Earthlinks for more information about these and other Trackmaster features.




Photo Credit: http://www.tmz.com/2011/11/28/rosie-odonnell-motorcycle-girlfriend-michelle-rounds-south-beach-miami/

Please forward Rosie O’Donnell my blogpost regarding safety gear and proper riding…….

Major Squid




I’m sure many of you have already heard about the Tron Motorcycle that people have been creating.  Just wanted to get your point-of-view on the topic.


For me, a $55,000 price tag for a “motorcycle” covered in L.E.D. is not appealing at all.  From the youtube videos, it doesn’t even seem to have the same functions as a normal motorcycle.  With the wide fairing covering most of the tires, you loss the ability to lean the bike through turns that you’d normal do.  To each their own, I guess..

My First Spill! :(

I got some bad news, followers! :[

Last week I accidently dropped my motorcycle and was added to the statistics of the 1st year drop rate (~80% overall).  Fortunately, I was not hurt and there was no oncoming traffic.


Here’s how it happened:

The street that I live on has a trolley track that runs down both lanes of the road.  Usually, making a turn over those tracks is slippery and I can feel my rear kick out, but I feel like I’m always in control of the bike.  I have always thought one day I might fall while going over these tracks when it’s wet and to my luck, that night was raining.


I took the turn extremely slow and managed to get the front half over without an issue.  While trying to complete the turn, the rear got caught, spun out, and tossed me off the bike into oncoming traffic.


Although with a bruised ego, at this point, I managed to turn off the engine as fast as possible and picked up my bike.  To my surprise it wasn’t as heavy as I thought it would be.


Now, I’m stuck with a cracked fairing and bent shift pedal.  Luckily, the 250r is relatively inexpensive to fix with the total cost to probably be about $30 for a new shifter and around 300 for a new left side fairing.



Lesson learned: Find a new alternative route to travel when it’s wet or raining.


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