Internship…Where Are You?

What are you worried about the most when you finish college? Do you expect to get that dream job after you graduate? It may sound hard and impossible because mostly you don’t have any experience, but trust me, you will have it if you start taking the right steps to your dream.

So what is the solution? Internships. Some students are complain with me that they can never get an internship even though they apply over and over. You know why? Because the majority only apply for the paid internships, they don’t want to sacrifice their time and work for unpaid internships or even volunteer somewhere. Of course we all want a paid internship, but sometimes it just does not work out in the end. You have to  be willing to take any internship opportunities out there. Even if it is does not involve to your major, you should keep an open mind because small changes will make a big difference in the future. This article digs a bit deeper into the importance of internships.

Networking is very important because a good network can bring to you the opportunities to put your foot in the door. In order to gain a network, you have to join some activities and clubs. You have to show your leadership skills, work hard ,and show that you are highly motivated. Try to be an active member and not just pay a fee to place the club name on your resume. I believe all these activities will define who you are and what you want to be.

You are all blessed when you have the opportunity to go to college and chase your dream to become someone in the future. Someone who is successful and wealthy. If you don’t start to be active and keep seeking internships during college, it is hard for you to become the person that you want to be. Let’s keep open your eyes and apply through CSPD, IBITexperience, and Temple-experience websites etc. Temple always creates the network for you, the only thing is you just need to join and take full advantage it.

The chart below shows the pecentage of students who regret that they didn’t finish what they should do in college, and don’t take full advantage of all opportunities. 47% students regret that they didn’t do more internships or part-time opportunities during college. Do you want to become one of them? Let’s make a difference.




I welcome any concerns, comments, and ideas. You all feel free to express your feeling. I am happy to share and discuss with you.

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