1,3-Dimethylamylamine – Proven Effective but Banned in Sports Testing!

1,3 Dimethylamylamine Intro

Known by many other names including DMAA, Geranamine, geranium stem, methylhexaneamine, and 2-Hexanamine, this is a stimulant that functions very similarly to caffeine. When an individual takes DMAA, they typically experience a boost in their energy and focus that lasts a couple of hours and allows for higher performance in athletic and cognitive tasks. Sprinters can run that little bit faster, weightlifters can push that little bit harder, and students can block out distractions and retain more of the material they are studying. DMAA is considered anywhere from four to ten times stronger than caffeine, and delivers this boost without a similar increase in toxicity and without negative effects on the body. As long as a person is eating healthily and getting adequate rest, they can supplement with DMAA once or even twice a day without issue.

When developing this site, our team worked to source out as much true, accurate information that could be found to share with those who want to learn more. Browse over to the Buy DMAA page for online price comparison and tips on how to find the best deals on these supplements – it’s actually incredibly cheap when you buy online! DMAA is available from different stores as both a raw powder and in capsule form, and this page covers the ups and downs of using both. Reviews of some of the different DMAA products are available as well to help convince you that this supplement truly is effective and not the next snake oil. Finally, you’ll find the best prices for DMAA and products that contain it – including two of the best-selling supplements on the market: Jack3d, the product that made geranium so popular, and Primaforce 1,3-dimethylamylamine, the highest quality version of the pure product in a capsule form.

Since its launch, Jack3d has risen to become one of the hottest pre-workout supplements ever created – and 1,3 Dimethylamylamine also labed Geranium Stem, was one of the chief ingredients in its formula. Thousands of weight lifters and bodybuilders swear by Jack3d, as the product imparts additional energy, strength and focus for the duration of your workout without any serious side effects and none of the shutdown or liver issues caused by steroids. There are many other ingredients in Jack3d that help make the formula so complete and effective, so check out the Jack3d page for further details about how all of these work in harmony to increase performance.

On the Primaforce page, you can find out more about one of the highest quality DMAA products on the market today. Primaforce is a premium manufacturer of supplements and nutraceuticals, and as one of the first companies to release a a pure product on the market they have won the support of legions of athletes, bodybuilders, students, and others who know how beneficial supplementing with DMAA can be.  If you simply need a study or diet aid, there’s no reason to take the extra stuff in Jack3d (although its awesome) when you can just take an effective, low-cost capsule.

1,3 Dimethylamylamine and Pro Athletes

Professional, semi-professional or amateur athletes that are subject to performance drug testing can check out our drug testing page for information about the WADA and how DMAA is tested for. The supplement is prohibited by many different governing organizations during competition – but is allowed for training by many as well. No matter what your supplement regime contains, it’s critical to know that you are going to pass a drug test with flying colors, so read up about the stipulations here, be extremely cautious, and plan appropriately.

As we’ve mentioned, the side effects involved with supplementation are generally few and far between. All of the common adverse effects of DMAA use are covered in-depth on our ‘side effects’ page – but any user who drinks caffeinated beverages regularly can generally tolerate DMAA quite well. Regardless, it’s important to know the facts before beginning any new supplement, so check the side effects page for more details and for dosing information as well.

We honestly believe that this is truly one of the kings of performance-enhancing supplements. Take the time to do a little bit of research, and when you’re ready to try it for yourself and take your training and performance to the next level jump on over to the Buy DMAA page to pick some up at the best prices available online!

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My Opinion – I was interested in this stuff back when I found out it was a controversial ingredient in the pre-workout supliment Jack3d (review here).  It acts very similarly to caffeine, however, smaller mg dosing is required.  Overall, I feel great effects and get great workouts when I add a small quantity of 1,3-Dimethylamylamine to my workout suppliments.  It generates a lasting effect that doesn’t die down until well after you’ve achieved your desired workout.  I would recommend either picking up the single ingredient (found here), or picking up the pre-workout suppiment, Jack3d.  If knowing exact dosing is important to you, however, buy the single ingredient because in Jack3d is it part of a proprietary blend and the exact dosing is unknown.

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