Bonus Event 1 – Gamification for a Funtastic User Experience!

On Novemeber 5th, I atteneded WordCamp Philly 2011, which was a compellation of various presenters on topics revolving around WordPress, Social Media, and other computer-related topics.  The event was $20, but included some free items, including pens and a t-shirt, which was nice.

I arrived at this event just in time for lunch, which gave me a fair amount of time to observe the available presentations and plan out my course of action.  The first presentation I sat for was “Stop Worrying, Start Publishing.”  Here is the description featured on WordCamp Philly’s website: “Aimed at beginner WordPress users and personal bloggers, this session will discuss the painlessness of publishing content and having fun with WordPress. You’ll get a look at some awesome features you may not have known about, practical recommendations on getting things out there, and a swift, figurative kick to the side of the head for worrying more about SEO and color schemes than publishing kick-ass content.”

Next, and in the same room, I sat for Professor Johnson’s presentation on “Gamification for a Funtastic User Experience.”  Here is the description featured on WordCamp Philly’s website: “How do you motivate users to contributions to a blog? Gamification applies the best concepts from games to the design of user experience: challenge, achievement and reward. Points, badges, levels, achievements, and leader boards can all dramatically alter users behaviors. Come hear how we are using the Achievements plugin along with the promise (and pitfalls!) of gamification. Note: attendance of the entire session is required to earn a Gamification Experience badge.”  Gamification is, essentially, “Using game elements in other stuff,” and is used extensively in our Social Media Innovation class, where is is recognized as “Quest Points.”  For the duration of the semester, it was interesting to see the competition between the top students in the Quest scoring; Quest points made it so that students were rewarded for doing assignments (beyond a physical grade), so it provided incentive to perform well.

Overall, it was a very fun time, and the free items/knowledge I gained was well-worth the $20 price tag for this event…

Here is the link to Professor Johnson’s presentation entitled: “Gamification for a Funtastic User Experience”

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