On Board – My Experience With TwentyFeet!

For this assignment, we were instructed to visit the website of listed, upcoming, social-media websites and tools, and then blog about our experiences navigating the site and how it helped you get started…


TwentyFeet is the service that I chose.  The site allows you to aggregate all of your social media into one hub, and it provides a timely analysis of your social presence.  When important inofrmation arises, they send you an email.  Here is a link to their video, which summarizes the point of their focus and gets you familiar with the process of “EgoTracking.”

Some of the key features of TewntyFeet are:

- User’s Friends – Provides graphs of increases and decreases in your friend count.  Also provides useful information on the views you receieve for specific pages.  In this sense, it acts similarly to google analytics.

- User’s Conversations – In reference to FaceBook, this would provide detailed analytics of activites, such as, friend’s statuses and likes of various pages.

TwentyFeet’s site seems very easy to navigate, and I love the fact that you can sign up for it (free) using your existing FaceBook login; this feature always encourages me to sign up because it is so simple.  Additionally, TwentyFeet’s site has navigation panes on the left side that provide ‘useful tips’ for those new to the tip and looking to enhance their overall social-media presense.  This site reminds me a lot of www.xeeme.com because they both allow a central hub for all social-media, however, it seems that TwentyFeet focuses a little more on the analytical aspect of your data while XeeMe seems more like a hub.  Overall, I am enjoying navigating through TwentyFeet’s site and getting to observe the effect of my social-media presense.


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