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Random Musings and Predictions

I think I will take this week to give some predictions on where I think media and media consumption is headed.  But first, I would like to speak a little bit about what I think of recent Netflix news:

Image Credit: Netflix

It may be true that this past quarter Netflix lost 800,000 customers and their stock is not in a good position right now. I still believe that Netflix will survive and be a main player in the streaming business.  Netflix is the number one brand in streaming online, and they still have a good base of customers.  These price increases needed to happen unfortunately, Netflix is still figuring out how to price their services while remaining profitable.  There is no other option that can really compete with what Netflix does at this point.  Until studios or tv channels come out with their own services Netflix remains the best option for streaming old movies and TV shows.


Now on to the predictions…..

  • Movies will find footing in being released on-demand simultaneously with theaters.  I believe the price point will eventually be around $40, and mostly be popular with family and kids movies.
  • Video Games will be distributed largely online with the next generation of systems, although I am sure Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo will continue to try to sell physical systems, peripherals, etc. at stores like Gamestop.
  • Digital distribution of media will be a key bargaining point for sports labor negotiations going forward, especially with the huge drop offs in season tickets sold.
  • Spotify’s model of music distribution will become the norm, with more creative advertising and better data mining, and become profitable both for services like Spotify and the music industry
  • A smartphone app will eliminate the need for tickets at sporting events, concerts, etc.
  • Network TV will either die or become digital in the next 15-20 years, not much of their programming is to expensive and they are behind on online distribution
  • More niche tv shows will be bought by carriers like Direc TV or online content providers like Netflix


So let me know what you think, do you agree or disagree with what I said today?

Stand Up for Stand Up

Now I don’t know about you, but I personally love standup comedy.  There is something pure and unique about one man standing on stage and pouring out frustration through comedy.  Nothing is more relaxing to me than sitting down and putting on a Chris Rock or Louis C.K. standup special.  Many stand ups have parlayed their success on stage to movies and TV, but many keep coming back to live crowds.  Even with the threat of heckling or the like, many comedians do not feel complete unless they are on a stage.

Getting into standup is not the easiest thing for performers and its only slightly better for fans of the genre.  There are so many different types of stand ups that the choice can be overwhelming.  So I am going to recommend three comedians for you to listen to/ watch and decide what kind of comedy is right for you.  If you haven’t experienced stand up live, please do, it is truly a unique art form that is not represented much into today’s flood of popular culture.


The Recommendations:


1. George Carlin-


Image Credit: Time Magazine



To me he is the greatest stand up comedian of all time.  Political and vulgar, thought-provoking and honest, his comedy evoled from simple joke telling to becoming a new age philosopher.  No topic is taboo and no topic goes untouched.




2. Brian Regan-


Image Credit:


Regan is a clean comedian fit for the entire family.  His jokes play out like detailed stories that everyone can relate to.  His delivery and timing is superb and he has excellent command of the stage.  Without a doubt my favorite comedian who refrains from vulgar language and taboo subjects.


3. Norm McDonald-


Image Credit:


Odd, is the best word I can use to describe Norm.  His odd delivery and voice allow the viewer to be immersed into his set ups and punchlines.  His on stage personality is extremely unique and cannot be matched by any other current comedian.  You’ve proably seen him on movies and on Tv but definitely not like this.


Random Musings for your consideration….

Happy Tuesday to everyone, just thought I’d drop in and provide a few thoughts and suggestions…



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ESPN….Jumping the Shark

I don’t think it’s just me, I really don’t.  The network I grew up loving and watching religiously every morning, has recently rubbed me the wrong way.  Now don’t get me wrong, I am not the biggest fan of the world wide leader by any means, but they do, do many things right on a daily  basis and provide some great programming with very unique personalities. However lately, ESPN has become a marketing branch of the NFL.  With ESPN’s new deal there is more NFL related programming and talk than ever.

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Every morning on Sportscenter and First Take (with infamous commentator Skip Bayless) the first, second, and third stories seem to be something about the NFL.  It should be noted I am a huge NFL fan, and spend every sunday watching as much as action as I can, I love that it only comes once a week and every game means something.  But now it seems to me that stories are being created and talked about solely for the gain of ESPN.  I have heard more about injuries this year than any other and we are only at Week 5, I have also heard inuries discussed adnausem that were not given a second thought in past years.  Stories are beaten to death day after day and teams and coaches are talked about like we just finished the Super Bowl.  The action and stories told on the field are given no time to grow organically anymore.

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ESPN is becoming the Fox News equivalent in the world of sports, they have crossed over into the realm of sensationalism reporting.  Now one may make the assertion that all sports covered in a journalistic context are sensationalist, but I would disagree to the point because of the human stories that are created on sports fields across the country everyday.  I am sure there are as many interesting NFL stories as injuries they are covering them but they are not presenting them to the public.  Why not explore the stories behind these players, focus on the ever-expanding concussion discussion, profile coaches more, explore the affects of Fantasy Football on sports, or even give matchups the documentary treatment ala HBO’s 24/7 series or ESPN’s own 30 for 30.

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What I believe I am getting at is that the general public has longer attention span than ESPN thinks.  We can look up injuries and records instantly online and although analysis is needed, talking in circles does not do anyone any good.  People watch on Sundays to find out what happens, they watch during the week so Sundays mean more.  I no longer need to catch a game on Sunday when I will see the highlights everyday until the next Sunday.  Give me something more, give me your best effort and innovate the reporting done on sports.  In a world where Deadspin and the Bleacher Report get millions of hits a day, I simply do not need to be berated by ESPN with highlights and talk about hypothetical injuries that may or not affect play on Sunday.  Give me something new.